Emily In Paris’ Fashion: ‘Ringard’ Or Сute?


Darren Star’s new TV show Emily In Paris made a lot of noise just a few weeks after its release on Netflix, but what about its fashion sense?

This is not surprising since the series has a great cast, an interesting plot, and a well-known producer.

What is more, the series from the creator of Sex And The City should be discussed a priori.

But if in the last season of Sex And The City, Kerry escapes from Paris to her beloved New York, this time Darren Star allows his heroine to enjoy the French capital to the fullest.

About Netflix’s Emily In Paris

Emily-In-Paris-Season-2-Release-Date golden globe nomination

Credit: Netflix

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American to the core, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) travels to Paris to teach French colleagues the “right” corporate commandments.

Everything else is a typical sitcom about foreigners in a new environment.

Here are the difficulties of translation, and the difference in cultures and, of course, everything with a taste of “French” – Parisian costumes, baguettes, wineries, kisses.

You can enjoy the series if you like heart-warming TV shows with amazing outfits and details of outstanding Paris fashion.

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Emily’s style: good or ‘ringard’?


Credit: Netflix

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Netflix’s Emily In Paris has already been criticized by the French themselves, and many eminent film critics have called it “passing”.

Nevertheless, this does not lessen its spectacularity.

And during a pandemic and global crisis, it seems that such a series is simply necessary.

Sometimes you want to turn off your head and just admire the aesthetic of the movie and beautiful Paris outfits.

In fact, the outfits in the series are the responsibility of the stylist of Sex And The City, Patricia Field.

That is why Emily’s style sometimes so clearly resembles the complex, overloaded, but always effective style of Kerry Bradshaw.

Since the fashion of the 2000s is slowly but surely returning to us, such a move on the part of the stylist is quite logical.

Field herself said in a recent interview with Variety:

In my mind, Emily is an optimistic young professional who is delighted to have the opportunity to work in Paris. She is trying to adapt to French chic, but at the same time she is still close to American aesthetics.

That is why, in the images of the heroine, New York layering is often mixed with Parisian patterns – from all kinds of berets to a top with an Eiffel Tower from the Alice + Olivia brand.

From Kerry, Emily inherited not only a love of overdressing but also an impressive collection of shoes.

The only difference is that instead of Manolo Blahnik, the heroine prefers Christian Louboutin.

According to the stylist, Lily Collins herself insisted on this brand.

Another deliberate imitation of Kerry is Emily’s black tulle skirt in the second episode of the first season.

According to Field, this is a tribute to Carrie’s tulle skirt in the Sex And The City finale.

Let’s talk about Emily’s wardrobe


Credit: Netflix

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There is also a brighter homage in Emily’s wardrobe.

For the sсene at the Swan Lake premiere, Field wore Collins in a Christian Siriano gown, reminiscent of the Givenchy black outfit for Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.

“When I look at Lily Collins, I see a young Audrey Hepburn. And I wanted to pay tribute to Audrey as I was a huge fan of her”, says Field.

And the snow-white outfit from the fictional brand Pierre Cadeau, around which the entire storyline of the last episodes of the first season is built, is, in fact, a dress from the couture collection of the French brand Stephane Rolland.

The stylist calls the patchwork dress, created by the designer Dope Tavio, his favourite image.

Patricia Field added a green Chanel jacket with a metallic sheen to the dress.

A kind of stylistic star of the series is Emily’s vintage phone case in the shape of a camera.

I found this case over a year ago when I was shopping in Korea for my boutique. And I decided to use it because our heroine constantly takes selfies, and the phone takes up a large amount of screen time.

For everyone who wants to replicate Emily’s flamboyant style, Patricia Field advises the following:

Look in your closet, take out different things, and put them on as you’ve never worn before. You will be surprised. The main thing is to open your mind to the new and close from old habits and traditionally “fashionable” things. It’s all about looking unique, but still being yourself.

Is Emily In Paris finished? Will there be a Season 2?


Credit: Netflix

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Netflix has announced a second season in the form of a work letter from Emily Sylvie’s Parisian boss.

She writes that Emily will need to linger in Paris because “despite her self-confidence and lack of experience in luxury marketing, “she has managed to “charm” important agency clients.

Although the French criticized the TV series for its stereotypical Paris style and many clichés, it surely remains an interesting and bright TV series to enjoy.

Besides, the main heroine is one of the most interesting TV characters with her impressive and unique style.

Emily’s style is created in this way simply because the designers of the series just wanted to emphasize her inexperience in the field of Parisian fashion, which makes the main character even cuter.

What do you make of this feature?

Are you looking forward to Emily In Paris Season 2 on Netflix?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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