French Viewers Aren’t Happy About Netflix’s Emily In Paris’ Depiction Of French People

French viewers of the new Netflix TV show, Emily In Paris, have expressed their displeasure with the way the show depicts French people.

OK, so I just finished the first season of Emily In Paris last night, and it’s an interesting series, to say the least.

I thought I would hate it, but funnily enough, I found myself wanting to watch the next episodes.

That said, its depiction of French people is pretty horrendous, and I should know, I grew up near Paris.

I am English, however, I just happened to grow up in France.

I was there since I was a tiny 1-year-old, and I think I know French people pretty well.

There’s a cliche about them all over the world that they are rude and mean people.

Emily In Paris takes this cliche and really runs with it.

Safe to say that many French people on social media were not overly happy with the show’s representation of the French people.

French people aren’t happy about Emily In Paris

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So, yes, its depiction of French people is pretty lazy.

That said, behind every cliche, there is an element of truth.

This is the case with French people being rude and ever-so-slightly mean.

However, it’s not really the French that are like this – it’s the Parisians.

The rest of France doesn’t much care for Parisians because they can be difficult and slightly abrasive.

Working in France can be tough, especially if you’re not French and don’t speak French all that well.

This said, the Parisians are not all this way, of course, and they are many people living in the capital that are lovely, welcoming and warm.

They just all happen to be from outside of Paris…

What do you make of this news?

Did you think that Emily In Paris was offensive towards French people?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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