Dwayne Johnson Is Building His Next Movie Universe


Dwayne Johnson tweets ‘back to work’ with J.K. Simmons to bring the next Christmas movie to look forward to in Red One. With Seven Bucks Productions, he is seemingly picking himself up from the Black Adam rubble. To me, it seems as though Johnson is already starting work on what we’re going to refer to as The Rock’s Cinematic Universe (TRCU for short)!

The upcoming movie is deep in its principal photography. Co-star Chris Evans also recently shared an Instagram post hinting that they are at the final leg of the production.


Santa looks to be more ripped and ready to defend than fluffy huggable in the upcoming Christmas movie. While the plot is still under wraps, images they have released so far show the action-packed look as any would expect from a movie featuring The Rock.

There is, however, the promise of wholesome, family comedy fun. Award-winning director and Primetime Emmy nominee Jake Kasdan takes the helm for Hiram Garcia’s story that Chris Morgan wrote for the screen.

Dwayne Johnson Starts His Christmas Movie Franchise

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Moviegoers will know Kasdan behind the two latest Jumanji films: 2017’s Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level. Both of which also starred Johnson. Other theatrical works include 2014 Sex Tape and 2011 Bad Teacher, among others.

His recent work for television Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. got him his latest Emmy nomination. His first Primetime Emmy nomination came in 2012 for New Girl: Pilot. Aside from the upcoming Christmas movie, Kasdan is also on board Bad Teacher 2, which is currently still in development.

Hiram Garcia has long had strong business ties with Johnson together with his sister Dany who is also Johnson’s ex-wife. The three have shared producer responsibilities for tens of projects under The Seven Bucks Production.

As a writer, Hiram Garcia has one episode of 2022’s Young Rock television series under his belt. Meanwhile, Morgan has written an extensive list of features, including movies under The Fast & The Furious franchise, and 47 Ronin just to name a few.

Starring Johnson, Evans and Simmons, Red One is in a position to open new doors for Johnson and his Seven Bucks. By the looks of the social media activities of the people in the production, it seems to be a fun-filled movie perfect for the holidays.

By any chance, could it also branch out to feature different holidays and become a new universe for Johnson to play with his friends?

Reactions to social media are mixed, with fans getting amazed by how the upcoming Santa is looking. He seems like someone that one shouldn’t think of messing with. One commented about making sure they aren’t on the naughty list this year.

At the same time, as one can expect on social media, some ask why did The Rock choose this as his next project? There are even those who implied for him not to touch Christmas as everything he seems to touch recently seems to get cancelled.

Dwayne Johnson Could Build A Movie Franchise About Holidays

Dwayne Johnson Is Building His Next Movie Universe

Credit: Dwayne Johnson

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Nevertheless, people are still looking forward to it. For one thing, at least this one is another movie to look forward to for the holidays. Could this be the next staple during the long holiday break?

Right now, I have the impression of the movie as something of a mash-up between a Scrooge-heist-comedy-buddy movie. I don’t know how they’d pull this off and keep the wholesome flavour for the whole family, but I do hope they get it right.

Stars joining the trio of leads are Lucy Liu, Kiernan Shipka, Bonnie Hunt, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and many more. Executive producer is Ainsley Davies, and co-producer Sky Salem Robinson together with producers Dany and Hiram Garcia, Johnson, Kasdan, Melvin Mar and Chris Morgan. The current official release date only states 2023.

Amazon has the credits for distribution to theatres, video and all media, including streaming. Production companies credited for the feature are Morgan’s banner company, Seven Bucks and The Detective Agency.

Are you looking forward to watching Red One in cinemas or are you streaming it this year? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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