Stargirl Cancelled By The CW


It’s been revealed that The CW has opted to cancel their Stargirl series after just three seasons, and I’m pretty sure this is the end of all DC Comics shows on the network. This news was revealed by Deadline in a recent exclusive report. It has been revealed that fans of the show will be able to watch the show’s final episodes, and they will continue to air on The CW on Wednesdays until December 7th.

The series, which was created by Geoff Johns, stars Brec Bassinger. We actually had the pleasure of interviewing Brec for Small Screen’s YouTube channel. You can check out our interview with the show’s star below. Bassinger stars as a high school student called Courtney Whitmore. Interestingly enough, Stargirl started Johns’ career as a comic book writer when he created her back in 1999. The character was inspired by his sister who was killed in a 1996 plane crash.

Stargirl has been cancelled by The CW after three seasons


Credit: The CW

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The show’s cancellation comes less than a month after Nexstar Media Group completed its acquisition of The CW. Since they took over the network, they’ve been cancelling shows left, right and centre. Stargirl was the last DC Comics show standing, and now all of them have been cancelled. The CW shows such as The Flash, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Naomi and Batwoman were cancelled in a pretty swift fashion after the takeover. The CW also cancelled some of their most popular shows such as Riverdale and Nancy Drew.

It seems as though the people behind Stargirl were told beforehand that Season 3 was going to be the show’s final season. This meant that they could write a good ending for the show. It seems as though the decision to cancel the show was made by Nexstar executives. But what’s DC’s Stargirl all about? Well, the show follows Courtney and her stepfather Pat Dugan (played by Luke Wilson) as she leads an unlikely group of young heroes to take on the legacy of DC’s very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America.

What’s happening in the show’s third season?

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The third season finds Starman (played by Joel McHale) back from the dead and he offers to train Courtney. But when there’s a murder that needs to be solved, the mystery will not only have our heroes questioning the former super-villain’s commitment to truly reforming, but lead Courtney, Pat, and Starman to a secret that will shock them all to their very core.

Here’s what Johns had to say about the character and the show:

Stargirl has always held a special place in my heart for many reasons. With all the brewing changes at the network, we were aware this was possibly the last season, so we wrote with that in mind and have delivered what I believe to be the best season of Stargirl yet, with complete creative closure. The cast and crew are extraordinary, and I’d like to thank them for helping me bring this series to life.

Brec embodied Courtney in every way possible — with grace, strength and humor — exceeding my wildest expectations. I am grateful to WBTV and The CW for giving us a home to tell this story and to honor my beloved late sister, and I’m beyond thankful to the press and fans who have always championed us for three amazing seasons. Most series never get this far. We couldn’t be more proud of our show and the fan community it’s built.

What do you make of this news? Are you sad to hear that The CW has opted to cancel Stargirl after three seasons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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