Deadpool 3’s Working Title Offers Hints For The Movie’s Plot


An update on the development of Deadpool 3 movie features its working title during pre-production, and fans are already speculating the movie’s plot. While Marvel Studios has maintained that the Deadpool franchise will keep the R-rating it is very well known for, nothing much is known about the project in development starring Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

It was September last year when Reynolds took the internet by storm as he revealed that Deadpool 3 will, in fact, have Hugh Jackman on board—definitely getting fans of the Merc with a Mouth excited at the same time bringing their online banter and bromance to a fitting conclusion by coming together for a Marvel movie.

The first two Deadpool movies have always mentioned or yearned for the connection with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. For one thing, Wade’s mutant ability of cell regeneration is apparently from Logan. In the second movie, Deadpool even killed a version of himself in front of Wolverine. The mercenary is obviously obsessed with the mutant with the adamantium-plated skeleton.

The plot of the movie was jokingly described in another video uploaded by the two best buds. Although audio is overpowered by the music, people only get specific reactions to the scenes as their facial expressions can relay. Still, nothing much was revealed except that the movie seemed fun and exciting.

Now, new information about the production encourages fans to hit the comic books for clues as to what the third movie will finally be about.

Deadpool 3 has a Working Title that Clues to the film’s Plot

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According to The Cosmic Cicrusthey have confirmed that the movie is in development under the working title Tidal Wave. In addition, the production is proceeding with its development under the limited liability corporation named Richmond Street Productions, operating in the US as well as other countries.

Apart from the long-discussed possibility of involving the Time Variance Authority in the Deadpool 3 film, another one involving the mutant Magneto takes strong traction in fan conversations. The working title is claimed to be proof of Magneto’s presence in the third instalment of the rowdy fourth wall breaker.

Also, if the suspected storyline is, in fact, true, Deadpool 3 would likely debut another top-tier villain for the MCU: Doctor Doom.

Taking the working title as a clue, Tidal Wave is actually describing a disaster that happens to New York City and Manhattan. The city falls underwater as a lightning storm suddenly appears, and a tsunami hits Manhattan. Many drowned in the catastrophic event for civilians, mutants and heroes. Those who survived aided in the efforts to save those who could still be saved.

Professor Xavier reveals that Magneto is the one responsible for the disasters happening in the world. Apparently, the mutant with strong magnetic powers was able to steal Mjolnir from Thor and shift the planet’s magnetic poles.

All of the devastation caused by Magneto is brought about by his anger after he lost his son and daughter. By the end, it was revealed that it was Doctor Doom who orchestrated the entire series of catastrophic events.

Working Title of Deadpool 3 Hints At Epic Comic Book Series

Deadpool 3 Might Have A Musical Number

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Marvel Comics published “Ultimatum” back in 2009 under the Ultimate Marvel imprint. Written by Jeph Loeb as illustrated by David Finch, it ran from January to September with several related comic book titles. Interestingly, the series didn’t have Deadpool featured prominently, if at all.

It focused mostly on Mutants and the Fantastic Four. This story, if adapted into the MCU through Deadpool, would somehow make sense as the Merc with a Mouth could easily address the elephant in the room with some snide remarks towards the audience as he regularly breaks the fourth wall.

Deadpool 3 is currently in development. Shawn Levy of Free Guy and Adam Project, both of which stars Reynolds, is at the helm of the movie that brings Deadpool and Wolverine together in one frame.

What do you make of this possible movie plot for Deadpool 3 because of its working title during production development? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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