DC Fans Hate The New Injustice Movie


So, the new Injustice animated movie has been released and it seems like DC Comics fans really do not like this new film.

They’re literally ripping the film to shreds on social media and it’s actually quite funny to read some of these tweets.

Now, I haven’t watched the movie yet, but if it’s as bad as people say, then I might just be giving this DC animated film a miss.

It’s quite strange because the graphic novel the film is based on is really, really good.

I don’t understand how they could have got this movie so wrong, but it sounds like they did.

You can have a read of what fans thought of the movie in the tweets I’ve embedded below.

DC Comics fans really do not like then ew animated Injustice movie


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So, I am just a bit puzzled by all of this.

How could they get this Injustice animated movie so wrong?

All they had to do – literally – was recreate the comic book, which is bloody brilliant!

It seems like the main issue people have with the film is what happens to The Flash in the movie.

I think this tweet sums it all up perfectly:

The #InjusticeMovie is beyond awful; far worse than whatever clips you see on Twitter will make you believe. I LIKE the comic story and even with that they just threw a bunch of shit at the wall and made do. There is no structure, there are no themes, characters die and are

What do you make of this news?

Have you watched the new animated Injustice film?

If so, what did you make of it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Karson

    Yea, they just threw some scenes in the comic and in the video game into one movie. Also they threw in some new things to. Although they were trying to be creative with these little scenes it just rubbed me the wrong way. I think there problem was either they didn’t know what to put in the movie from the comics or games or they should have done a series instead of a show to develop these new changes

  2. Javier Omar Morales

    The movie was great. The first mistake fans make is to think movie adaptations are supposed to be scene by scene remakes of the comics. It’s a different take on a 1.25 hour runtime, the narrative is succinct and gets to the point, you can’t bias yourself by expecting a direct copy of the graphic novels. Flash and the lanterns weren’t relevant to THIS version of the story. If people didn’t know the game or novels existed this film would’ve been praised. People need to learn to watch films as if they’re the only film or media in existence and judge it on its own. The film technically followed the structural narrative of the comics and changed a few arcs and made it work. I recommend everyone watch it with an unbiased eye. A few of my friends nitpicked the movie claiming they were being unbiased but the arguments they made as to why the movie was Terrible are the same arguments they make for OTHER DCAU films they claimed were good. People’s subconscious simply look for a reason to confirm their bias as to why this film was bad because it didn’t match their comic book expectations.

  3. Braxton Floyd

    It’s not even really out yet. What kind of author just takes opinions from Twitter on an unreleased movie and literally just builds their whole piece off of it? Go fucking watch it then develop an opinion you fuck.

  4. Jazz

    This movie ignoresnthe game and comic book and is unworthy of the name injustice. This arc was amazing in the games. The movie removes all of Batman and Harley Quinn’s scenes. They were the main characters of the game and extremely brilliant. In the movie they both were made out to look like idiots. Inwas insulted by this movie and am angry warner bros ruined another DC franchise just like they ruimed the snyderverse

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