Bruce Wayne Meets Barry Allen In This New Justice League Clip

Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen, a.k.a The Flash, meet for the first time in this clip from DC Comics’ upcoming superhero movie, Justice League.

Justice League is literally only a few days away from release and we’ve been seeing a lot of promotional material for the movie. We’ve already seen promo videos for The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and most recently, Batman. They’ve all looked great and have done an excellent job of selling the movie. There still is some trepidation when it comes to Justice League, mainly because of the rather poor films we’ve seen before from the DCEU (barring Wonder Woman of course).

There’s also been a lot of talk about the change of directors and how it might make the movie feel a bit disjointed. Zack Snyder was the original director and shot a large part of the film, yet he was forced to step down due to a family emergency. This is when Joss Whedon stepped into the director’s chair and he’s got a very different style to Snyder. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens once the movie comes out.

Say what you will about the previous movies in the DCEU, there’s one thing most people agree on: Ben Affleck is good as Batman. I personally think that these movies have been well cast, and casting Ben Affleck as Batman was a good idea. Casting Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, a.k.a. the Flash, also seems like a good fit. He seems to be the film’s comedic outlet and hopefully will be the cinematic version of the Flash we’ve all be hoping for. You can now watch Bruce Wayne’s first encounter with Barry Allen in the clip below, via

We’ve seen snippets from this clip before, however, we now get to the see the whole thing in its entirety. I know I might be a bit ahead of myself but I think that Ezra Miller might steal the show as Barry Allen. He’s already shown us what a talented actor he is, yet he seems to be doing something we haven’t seen him do before in Justice League and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the film has in store for us.

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Justice League will be in UK theatres on November 17th. Are you ready for it?

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