The Disaster Artist’s New Trailer Shows Just How Perfect James Franco Is As Tommy Wiseau

There’s a new trailer for James Franco’s upcoming movie, The Disaster Artist, and it showcases just for perfect he is as Tommy Wiseau. Check the trailer out below.

The Room is the best worst movie ever made. Period. It’s pure genius and comes from the weird and wonderful mind of the enigmatic mind of Tommy Wiseau. This man is a mysterious character. What were his reasons behind making such an unexplainably bad movie? Where is he from? All these questions will be answered in James Franco’s The Disaster Artist which is based on the book of the same name by one of the stars of The Room, Greg Sestero, who wrote it with the help of ghostwriter Tom Bissell. James Franco is not only the film’s director but also its star. He will be playing Tommy Wiseau and judging by the film’s trailers, he’s absolutely perfect for the role. Check out the new trailer below, courtesy of A24.

The Disaster Artist will offer us an insight into the making of The Room but also the mind of Tommy Wiseau. Franco, who’ll be starring alongside his brother, Dave (who’s playing Greg), for the very first time, went quite deep with this movie. Wiseau gave him access to video recordings from his iconic film’s set and he also made voice recordings of the whole process which he then gave to Franco so that he could get even better insight into Tommy’s mindset. All of this information must have been a real godsend for Franco and it seems like he put it all to good use.

Dave Franco had a similar experience. He met Greg on multiple occasions who told him everything he could remember about his personal experience of what it was like to be part of something as incredibly crazy as The Room. Greg also spent a lot of time on the set of The Disaster Artist to make sure that the story they were telling was accurate.

The Disaster Artist will come out to UK cinemas on December 1st, and a great place to watch the film if you’re in London would be The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square which has been screening The Room monthly for years now.

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