Justice League’s New Cyborg Featurette Goes Into The Superhero’s Backstory

Justice League has a new featurette which focuses solely on Cyborg and delves into his traumatic backstory. Check it out below.

Justice League is almost upon us. Maybe that’s the real reason why the sky in the UK turned a Justice League-esque shade of red the other day? Anyway, now that DC’s biggest cinematic event in years is drawing ever closer, we’re starting to see a few more promo videos and featurettes. We already saw one the other day which showcased Justice League’s superheroes and the team’s dynamic. We’ve now got a new one which focuses on one of the newest additions to the DCEU: Cyborg. Check out the featurette below, courtesy of AT&T.

Cyborg, a.k.a. Victor Stone has probably one of the most traumatic backstories in the DCEU. OK, so Batman lost his parents, but Victor lost most of his body and almost died. He would have died if it hadn’t been for his dad who managed to use alien technology to save his son from certain death. Ray Fisher is the man behind the half man, half machine superhero and he’s very enthusiastic about playing this DC superhero.

Cyborg is an interesting character. In the comics, Cyborg was originally a member of the Teen Titans and then became a founding member of the Justice League. His original origins story in the comics is a very dark one. Whilst growing up he was used as a test subject by his scientist parents which left with an incredibly high IQ. However, he eventually ended up resenting them and headed towards a life of crime.

Yet, after having realised the errors of his ways, he went home to attempt to reconcile with his parents but walked in on an experiment gone wrong which left him with only half a body. His father did everything he could to save his son, which is when Cyborg was born: half man, half machine, and he eventually became the hero he was always meant to be.

We’ve only seen a brief clip of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg in Batman v Superman, yet we will get to see a lot more of him in the upcoming Justice League movie. He’s also rumoured to be involved in The Flash solo movie.

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Justice League will be in UK cinemas on November 17th. Are you looking forward to seeing more of Cyborg in Justice League? Let us know in the comments below.

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