Will Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 See Captain Ray Holt Be Forced To Retire?

So, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 is coming out very soon on NBC. Its premiere episode will air on February 6th and it’s my most anticipated show of 2020.

I’ve been a huge fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine since Season 1, and it’s just got better and better as time’s gone by.

However, it hasn’t been an easy ride of the show. Fox ended up cancelling the show after Season 5, and fans went nuts.

People who loved the show took to Twitter to complain about the show’s cancellation, and some of those fans included the likes of Mark Hamill and Guillermo Del Toro.

I know! Guillermo Del Toro is a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. What a world we live in these days.

Anyway, Season 7 is about to hit our TV screens, but I was asking myself something about this upcoming season.

What will happen to Captain Ray Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7?

Captain Ray Holt and Detective Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7

Captain Ray Holt and Detective Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 – Credit: NBC

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Will Brooklyn Nine-Nine see everybody’s favourite Captain, Captain Raymond Holt, be forced to retire?

Captain Ray Holt hasn’t had it easy in the last few seasons. He’s recently been demoted to being a traffic warden after it was revealed he hadn’t actually completed his training in the required time, so he’s going to be in a tough situation in Season 7.

There’s also the fact that Amy Santiago (played by Melissa Fumero) has been promoted to Sergeant in recent seasons, and Holt’s definitely been teaching her everything he knows in order to make her an excellent captain.

Now, I think what will happen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 is that Captain Ray Holt will be made a Captain again, but he’ll end up opting to offer the job to Amy Santiago instead.

We already know that Melissa Fumero is pregnant, and I think they’re going to write this into the plot of Season 7, meaning that Amy and Jake will have a baby in Season 7.

Could Amy Santiago become a Captain in Season 7?


Jake and Amy in Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Credit: NBC

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Holt will see this and want to help them as much as he can, and he’ll do this by offering her his higher paid job

He also knows that Santiago would make an excellent Captain, although there is one problem. What about Sergeant Jeffers? Why couldn’t he replace Holt as the Captain of the 99?

Well, that is another possibility, but I was thinking of a way they could bring Santiago back into the 99 fold and it would also be a grand gesture on Holt’s behalf.

I also wonder whether they will end up moving Jeffers away from the 99. It was already hinted that this could happen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6.

Would Sergeant Jeffers make a good Captain?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crew might play Luke Cage in the MCU

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crew might play Luke Cage in the MCU – Credit: NBC

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They might end up going through with that plotline, even though it was pretty much wrapped up in Season 6.

Again, as I always seem to say in these articles, this is pure speculation, but I do think my fan theory could end proving to be true.

What do you guys think? Do you think Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 will see Captain Ray Holt end up retiring from the force? Let us know in the comments below.

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