Spider-Man’s Cameo In The Morbius Trailer Isn’t The MCU’s Version Of The Wall-Crawler

The first Morbius hit the Internet yesterday and people lost their respective minds over it due to the trailer’s post-credit scene in which Michael Keaton’s Vulture turned up, but it was the Spider-Man cameo that got me more excited.

At one point in the Morbius trailer, you could see a poster of Spider-Man behind Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius, and I, like many others, believed it was a poster of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but it turns out it wasn’t him.

Some eagle-eyed fans realised that the poster was actually from the recent Spider-Man video game on PlayStation 4.

However, the reason why we might not have all spotted it to begin with is because the poster was inverted.

You can check out the tweet confirming this below:

Now, does this mean that Spider-Man (Tom Holland’s version) isn’t in this Morbius movie universe?

Well, the presence of Michael Keaton’s Vulture is proof that Spidey must also be in this same universe.

That’s not the right Spider-Man in the Morbius trailer

Spider-Man Morbius cameo

Here’s Spider-Man’s cameo in Morbius – Credit: Sony Pictures

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Michael Keaton’s Vulture turned up at the end of the trailer, and it was a pretty big shock for everyone, myself included.

We are all pretty excited about this new development in the MCU and the Sony Pictures Spidey movies.

It means that we might have a future in which everything comes together. All the Marvel movies could be connected.

We know we’re getting the likes of the X-Men, The Fantastic Four and Deadpool coming back to Marvel.

Now, we might get to see Spider-Man’s most famous villains join the MCU and cause chaos.

Honestly, I think it’s the only way forward for Marvel and the MCU. Go big or go home.

What do you guys think? Did you like the Morbius trailer and are you looking forward to seeing Vulture in the movie?

Let us know in the comments below.

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