Bob Chapek Stopped New Star Wars Movies From Being Released

It’s been revealed that former Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, actively stopped any new Star Wars movies from being released whilst he was at the head of the company. This news comes to us via John Campea of The John Campea Show on YouTube. He had a lot to say about the future of Disney but also gave us some information about what was going on internally at the company whilst Chapek was in charge.

So, according to Campea, Chapek didn’t want Lucasfilm to release any new Star Wars movies whilst he was in charge, which might explain why we didn’t see a single movie set in a galaxy far, far away since Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Instead, we’ve seen many Star Wars TV shows released on Disney Plus. The Mandalorian, The Book Of Boba Fett, Kenobi and Andor were all released on the streaming platform.

Bob Chapek prevented new Star Wars movies from being released in cinemas


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Here’s what John Campea had to say about Bob Chapek being the force that prevented new Star Wars movies from being made or even from going into production:

Other people have heard this as well, that the lack of movies coming out of Star Wars was actually a Chapek directive. Chapek directed that there weren’t going to be any movies coming out right now.

Campea then went on to explain that Chapek leaving could end being very good news for Kathleen Kennedy as the President of Lucasfilm. Campea explained: “If anything, the return of Bob Iger solidifies Kathleen Kennedy because Iger is a Kennedy ally.”

That said, the YouTube video host also added that he doesn’t think that Kennedy’s going to be staying as Lucasfilm’s President for very long. He actually revealed that he was told that Kennedy’s going to be leaving the company after the release of Indiana Jones 5, which makes sense to me.

Will this change under Bob Iger?


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Campe then added that “Iger’s going to want to steady things” and that doesn’t involve “replacing studio heads”, which I think is the best way to move forward. Here’s what Campea had to say on the matter:

I believe her current deal takes her to 2025. I personally don’t believe Kathleen Kennedy makes it to that or past it. I don’t think she’s going to go anywhere immediately. Amidst all the chaos and the shakeup, Iger’s going to want to steady things pretty quickly. And the last thing that I think Iger wants to do now is start replacing these studio heads as well.

This all comes after there have been rumours that Apple might be looking at buying Disney. Some people and outlets have been speculating that Disney’s board of directors fired Chapek and brought back Iger specifically to help with a sale to Apple. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, previously stated that they are interested in purchasing a big company with big franchises and the best people. Iger is one of the most respected CEOs in the whole world and him coming back could be a huge pull for Apple.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to hopefully seeing new Star Wars films released in cinemas now that Bob Chapek is in Disney’s and Lucasfilm’s rearview mirror? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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