5 Apps To Upgrade Your FireStick Experience


The Amazon FireStick is a phenomenal avenue to the wondrous world of cord-cutting.

Although its conception relies on the activation of multiple subscriptions to enjoy your favourite shows and movies, it is rarely taken up on that offer.

The FireStick has gained popularity among the rebellious cord-cutting community as a means to watching free content that would otherwise be paid. 

Whatever its true purposes may have been, are dwarfed by the newfound uses it can be employed to.

However hazy the legal implications may be, the FireStick derives its popularity from being conveniently jailbreak-able. 

‘Jailbreaking’ your FireStick is the equivalent of removing the proverbial fetters in which your favourite content is shackled.

Essentially, it constitutes tricking your device into thinking you have the rights to view paywalled content.

This is done by acquiring third-party apps, which circumvent the digital rights embedded in the system, giving you access.

Tools Of The Trade


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These third-party apps are essential to the jail-breaking experience, and merely installing them resides perfectly within the borders of the law.

These not only completely transform the FireStick experience, they also unlock droves of previously inaccessible content.

To help you get started with jailbreaking, here’s a list of 5 handpicked FireStick TV apps to kickstart your amateur career in (borderline legal) piracy.

  • Kodi TV

Featuring an easy-to-use interface, and tons of content from the world over, Kodi is a FireStick owner’s best friend.

Granting you access to thousands of TV Shows, Movies, and music playlists, a single click brings you a plethora of viewing treats, at zero cost.

That’s right, KodiTV is not only completely free, it’s also completely legal to download.

Effectively transforming your FireStick into a free Movies and TV Shows device, Kodi grants you unbridled access to content from major subscription services.

It’s easy to install, great to use, and with just a click of a button, you can install add-ons to expand your access.

Including add-ons for live sports streaming and for gaining access to fresh movie releases, there’s nothing Kodi can’t do.

  • Windscribe VPN

If you live anywhere in the US or the EU, chances are that your ISP or Government can track your online activity.

Whereas merely downloading third-party FireStick apps is legal, gaining access to paid content can be flagged as illegal.

To tread this hazy legal territory, you need to go mask-on. To hide your online presence, Windscribe has your back.

A free-to-download app, Windscribe allows you to go incognito while accessing blocked content (with Kodi or any other app).

It makes sure you are anonymous whilst watching free content, so your ISP can’t know what you’re up to.

On some selected VPN servers, it even allows torrenting and P2P streaming, all under a comfortable data cap of 10GB/Month. Windscribe is also the only FireStick VPN that streams Netflix US and BBC iPlayer.

  • IPTV Smarters

As if there weren’t enough things your FireStick can do, here’s one more for you.

You can now use your device to manage your IPTV subscriptions, all in one place.

If you’ve got multiple IPTV subscriptions or just one, IPTV Smarters is the app that allows you to manage and stream from these subscriptions.

Much like Smart IPTV, this app provides a management service for IPTV services.

However, unlike Smart IPTV, IPTV Smarters is completely free and features a wide range of services like allowing you to use EPG.

Requiring nothing more than the usual process, it’s also easy to install.

The steps to download it are really simple, so head on over to this tutorial from FireStickTricks to get started.

It should be noted, however, that like any other IPTV management service, IPTV Smarters doesn’t offer IPTV services itself.

Rather, it provides a convenient interface for you to manage and view from your existing IPTV subscriptions on your FireStick, and makes the process easier.

  • Cinema APK

After the demise of Terrarium TV, many clones have since sprung into existence.

Of these clones, most are sometimes clunky with streams and others have user-interface issues.

Most of them appear to just be exact copies of the former, whilst retaining none of their quality.

One of them, however, does shine through with its incomparable reliability and interactive ease.

Cinema APK features a seemingly endless lineup of streamable content and is almost a necessary commodity for your FireStick.

Whereas Kodi TV features add-ons, Cinema APK provides a list of streaming content and other entertainment material.

With regular software updates from an apt development team, Cinema APK allows you to stream your favourite releases from different servers to maintain integrity.

  • Crackle

Finding something to watch aside from the mainstream is nigh on impossible these days.

If you’re merely a film connoisseur looking for a gem in a field of popular names, a lot of digging is required.

However, all hope is not lost, as this app from Sony has you covered with your indie-film needs.

Crackle, unlike the above apps, is actually available on theAmazon App Store and doesn’t require third-party downloaders.

All you need to do is create an account, and gain access to free, legal content.

Whether you’re looking for a low-budget flick or even a household name, you’ll find a wide range of good content.

The app is completely free to use in the US and Australia.

Freedom Of Access


Credit: Amazon

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Gone are the days when you needed to pay upwards of $100 a year just to watch your favourite shows on Prime.

No longer may we remain tormented by Netflix peddling its mediocre ‘original’ content and crowding the stuff we actually like.

Jailbreaking your FireStick and side-loading these apps allows you to bypass these complications, all whilst staying cautiously under the radar (with VPNs). 

To live in a world of restricted access is a chore, and rebellion has never been more entertaining.


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