4 Netflix Tricks You Will Want To Know

Netflix is a streaming service that provides its users with an online library of movies and television shows. Netflix’s website offers a variety of subscription plans, allowing people to watch as much or as little content as they want for one monthly price. The company has grown exponentially over the past few years, expanding internationally in 2016.

It was founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph, Reed Hastings, and Michael Birch with the goal of delivering DVDs through the mail. Today, Netflix has 190 million subscribers worldwide – which amounts up to 40% of households in the United States. 

It also has a huge library of on-demand content that is continuously refreshed, allowing users to find something new every time they open their accounts. Netflix offers its services on a wide variety of devices. In fact, Netflix is currently the highest-rated app on IOS and Android.

Netflix has been known to have some very interesting hidden features that allow subscribers to customize their profiles and improve their overall streaming experience. We have listed four helpful tricks below.

You Can Download Videos To Watch Later On Your Smartphone

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Netflix gives users the option to pause a video and save it for later on their mobile devices. This feature has been available since 2015 on most major platforms including IOS, Android, Roku, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and many others. 

The download function makes it easy for subscribers who commute via public transport or have slow internet connection speeds. All you need to do is press the download button on the details page of any title, and it will be saved for viewing outside of a wi-fi zone.

The download button is greyed out if the video quality is not available for offline viewing. Even though Netflix made this feature available to all subscribers in 2015, not all movies and shows can be downloaded.

Using VPN Would Give You a Fantastic Experience!

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is software that creates a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs are typically used by corporations to allow their employees access to files on a private server via the internet while on the road. With it, you can watch American Netflix in the United Kingdom. Netflix does not recommend using VPNs because they can cause issues with streaming. However, it is the only way to access certain titles that are not available in their region.

You Can Filter Content Based on Your Mood

Netflix has a neat feature that allows you to select your mood in order to find the right fit. This function is called “Just for You” and was added in June 2016. It shows subscribers TV shows and movies based on their past viewing history, Netflix original content, ratings by other users, etc.

You can find this feature by going to Netflix.com and clicking on the menu icon located in the top left corner of the page. Under “Browse,” select “Shows For You” or “Movies For You.” The streaming service also provides articles and suggested titles based on your mood as well as a list of shows that are currently popular with other users who have that same mood.

The streaming site can keep track of shows you’ve finished watching and recommends new episodes to watch next. Netflix has a great feature called “post-play,” which automatically plays the next episode in a television series after you finish the one you are currently watching. And, while this is convenient for avid TV series watchers, it’s also a good way for Netflix to keep you glued to your couch.

Manage your Continue Watching List And Customize Your Subscriptions

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By going to your Account Page and clicking “Viewing activity.” You can also separate movies from TV series.

Netflix has a feature that allows you to rate the titles you watch. Ratings are an important factor in Netflix’s recommendation algorithm, which is why Netflix encourages users to log their titles as they complete them.

It also allows users to manage their subscriptions, including changing or cancelling your subscription altogether. You can tailor the specific types of content you want to see in your recommendations.

To access this feature, visit https://www.netflix.com/ChangeAccount and from there, you can delete titles from your viewing history, manage your plan’s billing and adjust parental controls.

Netflix has many great features that will make your viewing experience more enjoyable. This article should have given you plenty of ideas about how Netflix can work for your needs. Certainly, there are any other tricks we didn’t include that could also improve the quality and consistency of your streaming service.


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