Users Are Cancelling Their Disney Plus Subscriptions Due To Lack Of New Content

Disney Plus launch this year was huge and it kind of came at exactly the right time, but it seems as though many people are cancelling their subscriptions.

I’m going to be completely frank with you here, I haven’t been using Disney Plus all that much.

I got a year’s subscription, so I’ll be keeping it until the year’s up and then see what the service has to offer moving forward.

One of the main reasons why I got Disney Plus in the first place was because of its future promise.

There’s the promise of the Marvel Studios TV shows, there are the Star Wars shows, and now also the Percy Jackson series.

I want to watch all of these things, and I have enjoyed re-watching some of the Disney cartoons, the Pixar movies, and the National Treasure movies.

However, it seems as though many people have had enough of Disney Plus and are going to be terminating their subscriptions to the service.

People are cancelling their Disney Plus subscriptions

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Many of these people have taken to Twitter and the tweets above are just a drop in the ocean on tweets saying the same thing.

Honestly, if you’re going to compare what Disney Plus has to offer and the likes of Netflix and even Amazon Prime Video, then Disney Plus looks pretty poor.

During this lockdown period, Netflix has already dropped the likes of Tiger King, Money Heist Season 4, Extraction and most recently Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

Amazon Prime Video game us Little Fires Everywhere, and we’ve had nothing from Disney Plus.

Now, we will get The Mandalorian Season 2 and the Marvel shows in the future.

But, people can always just take out a new subscription when those shows drop and then cancel it again once they’ve watched them.

This averse reaction to their streaming service might have a few people are Disney rather worried.

What do you make of this news?

Are you keeping or cancelling your Disney Plus subscriptions?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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