What Is The K-Pop Phenomenon?


Today we want to talk to you about the phenomenon of K-Pop music and how it became popular all over the world.

K-Pop: where it all began


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K-Pop is a musical genre that comes from South Korea.

His expansion around the world began when in the summer of 2012 the singer known by the nickname PSY released the track Gangnam Style and a video for it.

Currently, it has amassed over 3.7 billion views on YouTube and a huge number of people have subscribed to it.

For this, the performer did not even have to buy YouTube subscribers, because the whole planet really liked him.

Since the release of Gangnam Style, Korean music has attracted worldwide interest, although PSY’s music video is more of a parody of everything that is K-Pop.

What is this genre?

Often, groups of young people or girls with perfect looks are responsible for this direction, who actively move on stage and collect huge stadiums, as well as millions of views on video services.

Many at first thought that it was not their merit that companies help groups get fake popularity and buy real YouTube subscribers for this.

However, no one has ever provided evidence.

It was K-Pop that became the key to spreading Korean culture around the world.

Together with series, video games, national cuisine and clothes, it makes up the so-called Korean wave, which has been spreading around the world since the late 1990s.

The musical genre has grown into a popular subculture among young people around the world, driven by an interest in contemporary South Korean fashion and styles.

Is this idea artificial?


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Music critics and journalists often suggest considering this genre not as a musical phenomenon, but as a multimedia or even more television cultural phenomenon.

Originally K-Pop is a TV show, and the idea is artificial in its conception.

The whole process begins with the selection of participants in projects, assessment of their dancing abilities and external beauty.

And the musical part is just a small detail of each band.

Of course, there are hit songs.

But to a greater extent, how the participants look and move plays a role.

The world of Korean music is something fantastic.

Idols (as fans of band members call them) look great, sing well and dance professionally.

That is why people all over the world like them so much.

It’s a fashion trend

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There is no point in doubting that K-Pop is a mechanism worked out to the smallest detail.

This can be seen in all the elements: simple catchy melodies, amazing choreography brought to the ideal, catchy costumes that become trendy among the target audience.

This genre of music leaves a positive impression on the listeners: pleasant songs with interesting lyrics, excellent visual content.

This genre is a quality product for export, oriented to the West.

Therefore, the bands make special English versions of singles and even entire albums in English.

First of all, it is necessary to expand your audience and earn more.

Naturally, when you listen to the work of an artist from a distant country, in any case, you will want to learn about this country, the people who live there, their culture.

That is why it is not uncommon for Americans to start learning Korean and dream about going to Korea.

And this is absolutely normal.


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