Amber Heard Warned She Could Face Jail Time Over Perjury Charges


It’s been revealed that Amber Heard is in serious danger of facing jail time over perjury charges after the Johnny Depp case.

This was revealed by defamation lawyer Aaron Minc during an interview with JOE.

This isn’t the first time that there have been allegations that Amber Heard could be facing perjury charges.

It was already revealed that the Australian authorities are looking into claims she made in court over there.

We’re now hearing that she could also be in trouble for potentially committing perjury in the Johnny Depp trial.

Interestingly enough, Minc told website JOE “a few days ago” he didn’t think there was any chance Heard could face prosecution for anything she had said on the stand during her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s defamation trial.

However, the defamation lawyer has since changed his mind as the case came to its conclusion.

Amber Heard could face jail time over perjury charges during Johnny Depp trial


Credit: AP

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Minc said: “I think that, as this case goes on, and we start seeing more and more objective evidence that she is lying about things under oath, that’s when it starts crossing the line into the possibility that she is fabricating evidence, fabricating photos, fabricating bruises, altering evidence and then submitting it.”

Minc then went on to warn that inventing evidence is not only “really serious”, but also “really offensive” to the justice system.

Minc added: “I would hope that prosecutors would take a close look at it because if there is very clear evidence that she did that, that should certainly be considered.

“If it was proven that that was the case, and there’s certainly some questions being raised in the trial currently, that could potentially lead to a criminal prosecution and jail time.”

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Amber Heard could end up facing prison time for committing perjury during the Johnny Depp trial?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Linda Turner

    If she is not prosecuted for these crimes the message is that everyone can safely lie under oath and phony up evidence.

  2. Tonia Thraw

    If the court lets her get away with lying like this, it sends a clear message world wide you’re allowed to lie in the US. Therefore, I don’t know if she COULD face jail time, but she certainly SHOULD if US wants to hold people accountable over the most blatant and obvious lies told.

  3. Anonymous

    Look, 99.9% of all the people on this planet wants her in prison because she guilty of a boatload of crap that piss a lot of people off. I’d say do it.

  4. Kimberly Bryant

    Yes she deserves jail time. She has not only embarrassed herself, but she has completely used and mocked true victims of D.V.

  5. Michelle C McCarty

    It’s all well and good to threaten to prosecute her, but to PROVE she lied or doctored photos is another thing altogether. In watching the trial we all can see that she has her paid witnesses (psychiatrists, computer ppl, et..) and he has HIS paid witnesses, so how do you REALLY know what is truth or not? You don’t. I guess they would have to TRY and find an independent, unbiased person somewhere…Good Luck! All the diehard JD fans think AH ruined his life, she certainly didn’t help his cause but JD created a lot of his own professional and personal misery over the past decade. Just a big “he said, she said” case involving 2 people who are both seriously flawed.
    Unfortunately. In this case…NOBODY WINS. (except for the press, of course, who eats this stuff up,)

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