Amber Heard And Sister Caught Lying During Johnny Depp Trial


It seems as though Amber Heard and her sister, Whitney, have been caught in lies during the Johnny Depp defamation trial.

The Heard sisters’ lies have been caught by people on Twitter and their discovery was reported by Popcorned Planet.

Whitney Henriquez has been on the stand today delivering her testimony.

She was being asked about the incident between her, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on some stairs.

Amber has claimed that this was the first time she punched Johnny and she did it to protect her sister.

Heard claims that she believed Johnny was going to push Whitney down the stairs.

However, during Whitney’s testimony, she claimed that Johnny Depp ran up the stairs behind her, which doesn’t add up with the story that her sister, Amber, has previously told.

Amber Heard and her sister, Whitney, seem to have been caught lying during the trial


Credit: Reuters

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Twitter user, @Louizianna80 has been paying close attention to the trial and she noticed this discrepancy between Amber and Whitney’s testimonies.

She wrote:

Amber Heard said the first time she ‘landed’ a punch on Johnny Depp was during the incident on the stairs. She said she punched him to save her sister Whitney from being pushed down the stairs by Johnny. Whitney’s testimony doesn’t support Amber’s story.

She continued:

Whitney completely contradicted Ambers testimony about the stairs. She also destroyed Ambers ‘heroic’ reason for punching Johnny, Amber didn’t punch him to save her sister from being pushed down the stairs.

@Louizianna80 then added:

Whitney just crushed Ambers reason for punching Johnny. Amber said she punched Johnny as he was going to push Whitney down the stairs. But Whitney said he came up behind her and hit her. How was he meant to push Whitney down the stairs when he was between Whitney and the stairs?

Lawyer, Christopher C. Melcher also spotted this discrepancy and wrote the following on Twitter:

Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney, testified that Johnny Depp tried to push Whitney down the stairs. But Jennifer Howell declared that Whitney said the opposite happened. See this thread for the details.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Amber Heard and her sister have been lying in court?

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