6 Best Casino Heist Movies Of All Times


Movies are the essential elements for fun & entertainment in life. If the genre is crime, thriller, and drama, then excitement goes beyond the level. Well, if you love such movies, then here you will find the best casino heist movies of all time. All the listed movies are based on the critics and audience reviews, screenplay, direction, and acting. This shows that you will get complete fun in these movies just the same as playing slots online.

Top 6 Evergreen Casino Heist Movies

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Heist needs perfect planning, coordination among the team members, and perfect execution. If there are any loopholes, there is a high possibility that the mission will be failed. The same concept you will find in most of the movies. But some are an exception as the screenplay of a movie thrill you, and it’s hard to wait to find out the conclusion.

So, here is the list of some outstanding casino heist movies that can thrill you from the inside. Hence go through the list, get ready with the popcorn, turn off the lights, and enjoy the movie.

Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games is about love, relationship, a big casino heist, and of course, betrayal. The movie begins with Rudy Duncan (Ben Affleck), who is imprisoned for 6 years in charge of grand theft auto, and now he is about to get released. On the same line, a guy named Nick (James Frain), who is imprisoned for 2 years for a criminal charge, becomes a roommate of Rudy. Soon, Nick discloses his love Ashley to whom he never met, and tells Rudy that he worked as a security man in Indian Casino. Well, that was a little conversation between the two, and after that prison riot took place, Nick died while saving Rudy.

When Rudy was released from the prison, he found Ashley outside the prison waiting for Nick. However, Ashley has never seen Nick, and Rudy was very much aware of this fact, so he took the identity of Nick.

But things were not so easy for Rudy even after taking the identity of Nick because Ashley’s brother Gabriel (Gary Sinise) has already made a plan of a casino heist, and Nick was a pivotal point because he only knows how to break the casino security. All the gang members were thinking, Nick is alive, and he can do the job, but only Rudy knows that he has taken the face of Nick, and he doesn’t know much about the casino security. Here, the real game starts, where you will find all the elements you were looking for.

3000 Miles to Graceland


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The movie will direct you to Las Vegas, where you can get the true essence of The Strip and Riviera Casino. It shows how far people can go for money, and in this movie, you will find the blend of relationship, betrayal, and many more just for the sake of money.

The movie starts with a prisoner named Michael Zane, who came out of prison on parole. He decided to heist a casino during Elvis Convention with his partners, Murphy, Hanson, Gus, and Franklin. During the robbery, Franklin was dead. Further, the others moved to the motel and were arguing for the stolen money. At the same time, Murphy shot Hanson and Michael hide the money in the crawl. The three members decided to bury the body of Hanson, but here, Murphy shot Michael and Gus; however, Michael survived because he had a bulletproof vest. After that, the chase for the money starts, and the entry of two new characters, Jesse and Cybil Waingrow, makes a lot of twists and turns in the movie. Who will get the money, and who will survive? Either it’s Murphy, Michael, Jesse, or Cybil? To find out the answer to this question, you must watch 3000 Miles to Graceland.

The Good Thief

The Good Thief is a story about a man who is addicted to drugs and gambling and can go to any level to get money. Bob Montagnet, who has lost everything, is still thinking of one single way to regain his life. To achieve his goal, he planned to heist Monte Carlo Casino, and for this, he made the team. But somehow, cops came to know about Bob’s planning.

How did it happen? Who is the traitor in the team, and even after knowing that cop is aware of the plan, will Bob execute it? Well, there are many ups and downs in the movie, and you will love this.

5 against the House


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This movie shows how the college buddies rob a casino, which means you will see the different robbery angels. 5 against the House starts at a pub where four college friends were enjoying the party. The entry of a cop changed the scenario as he took Ronnie (Kerwin Mathews) and Roy for the interrogation of a casino heist. Once they are done with the cop, Ronnie decides to heist a casino with his friends, but the entry of another guy Brick (Brian Keith), changes the scenario.

Brick is emotionally disturbed due to the Korean war. Will his presence affect the plan, or will the college buddies be able to heist a casino? Watch the movie to get spoilers.


Have you ever thought that a math professor with his five brilliant students can heist a casino? If not, then this movie is best for you. The story starts with a young boy Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) studying at MIT and wanting to move to Harvard School of Medicine, but the schooling fee is $300,000, and he can’t afford the same.

On the move, he met with Math Professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) and came to know about the heist plan. The other team members were the brilliant students of MIT named Jill, Kianna, Fisher, and Choi. These students were best in card counting at blackjack. Initially, Ben refused to join the team, but his desire to study medicine dragged him into the plan.

Will the Math Professor and his team succeed in a plan to make money?

The Gambler


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The movie shows how gambling addiction brings a person to the worst situations. Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), a college professor, is addicted to gambling, and for the same, he borrowed money from all the known identities such as mother, loan sharks, and others. He is in huge debt, and to clear them all; he decided to play one big game in the casino. In his act, he involved his student, too, to whom he had a relationship.

Will Jim be able to clear his debt? Or this time, he will keep all his associates in a big danger, including the student? It is worth watching The Gambler movie to reveal the secret.


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