When Will Money Heist Season 5’s Release Date Be On Netflix?

We’ve all been enjoying Money Heist over the last few years, and we’re now really looking forward to Season 5 and trying to figure out when it’s release date will be on Netflix.

Even though the show didn’t start off as a Netflix original, they ended up purchasing it and it’s gone from strength to strength ever since.

Money Heist has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows over the years.

We call it Money Heist over here in the UK and the US, however, it’s original Spanish title is La Casa De Papel.

I kind of prefer the Spanish title because it fits the show much better.

I think Money Heist feels way too generic.

However, English title aside, the show is easily one of Netflix’s very best series.

It’s become something of a sleeper hit, and it’s incredibly popular all over the world.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is how clever the show is.

However, the fact that it’s in Spanish also means it can be viewed by a much wider and often maligned audience.

Season 4 recently landed on Netflix, and it was pretty darn awesome.

However, it was also heart-breaking and easily one of the most ‘WTF’ seasons of the show ever, and that’s saying something.

Money Heist is generally twist after twist, and it’s so tense that it could easily induce a heart attack if you’re not careful.

Money Heist has been one of Netflix’s most popular shows


Credit: Netflix

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Anyway, they announced that Money Heist Season 5 would be the show’s last and now I’m trying to work out when its release date will be on Netflix.

This is by no means an easy thing to predict because Netflix doesn’t let much information about their shows slip out.

There’s also the fact that we are currently in a pandemic which has put delays on all shows and movies currently being shot.

Movie and TV studios need to ensure that they are shooting in a safe and hopefully COVID-19 free environment.

That is virtually an impossible thing to do, especially these days.

People travel and are constantly coming into contact with other people.

Anyway, before the lockdown, I would have said that Money Heist Season 5’s release date would be in 2021.

Maybe mid-2021. However, now I think it might slip into 2022.

There’s also the fact that the show’s stars are going to have pretty busy schedules now.

Trying to get them all back to shoot the fifth season isn’t going to be easy.

Money Heist Season 5 will be the show’s last season


Credit: Netflix

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That said, because it’s going to be the show’s last season, I’m pretty sure the actors will make time.

However, Úrsula Corberó who plays Tokio in the show is now breaking into Hollywood.

This means that she’s going to be very difficult to pin down for Money Heist’s final season.

It was recently revealed that she’d been cast in the G.I. Joe spinoff movie, Snake Eyes, which is scheduled to go into production very soon.

I’m pretty sure she’ll be cast in other things between now and when Money Heist Season 5 goes into production.

The rest of the show’s cast is also becoming more and more well-known and getting cast in big Hollywood or European productions.

It’ll be interesting to see how Netflix manages to get everyone together and ensure that it’s a safe COVID-free set.

With this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Money Heist Season 5 hit Netflix in January 2022.

When will Money Heist Season 5’s release date be?


Credit: Netflix

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That said, this shouldn’t be considered a bad thing.

All it means is that we’re going to have to wait a tiny bit longer to see how it all ends.

Good things come to those who wait, and hopefully, Money Heist Season 5 will be a very good thing.

It’ll also be nice to see how the show concludes – whether it’ll be a sad or happy ending.

I’d love it to be a happy one because the show is just so stressful to watch.

I don’t know whether I could take a depressing and maybe even mortifying end to the show that I’ve spent so much time watching over the years.

What do you make of this feature?

Are you looking forward to watching Money Heist Season 5 on Netflix?

And, when do you think Money Heist Season 5’s release date will be?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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