5 Great Mobile Games To Play On You Smartphone This Summer


Have you been searching for some incredible mobile games to play on your smartphone when you’re on the beach this summer?

When it comes to meeting public demand, the mobile side of gaming is arguably doing it better than most.

Given its affordability, portability, and dramatically improved games on offer in this technology-based world we live in, gaming on a smartphone now appeals to wider audiences.

Console gaming, on the other hand, is a far more daunting prospect for the average person.

It doesn’t just require more time and attention, but its cost is arguably spiralling out of control these days.

The console alone isn’t cheap, and then there are games and accessories to purchase that certainly aren’t affordable for all.

An alternative option, smartphone gaming is immediately accessible as most of us own a mobile phone in today’s app-obsessed climate.

As such, downloading a hit release is an easy functionality to make the most of, opening up gaming to more and more people in the process.

Another reason why smartphone gaming is booming is due to the sheer amount of titles on offer.

People can read a blackjack guide before diving into a casino gaming session, there are console-quality titles now making the transition over to the mobile gaming sphere, and we’re even seeing the emergence of augmented reality and virtual reality products.

Games are released regularly, too.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five great games that are well worth downloading in 2022.

PUBG Mobile


Credit: Lightspeed & Quantum

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The undisputed king of mobile titles at the moment, PUBG Mobile is the classic example of a product from another gaming category that is now thriving on mobile.

With 511.6 million active monthly players on average and 42.6 million daily active players, the game is pulling in massive numbers as its battle royal offering continues to entertain mobile gamers all over the world.

While the game perhaps lacks the detail of its PC counterpart, it’s still well worth a go on mobile.

GRID Autosport

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For many, GRID Autosport is the best racing game available on a smartphone device.

The graphics are immaculate, the gameplay is impressive and easy to grasp, and the array of high-octane cars you can drive makes it a blast to play, although each car comes with a distinctly different driving experience.

There are some eye-catching tracks to master, too.

Essentially, if you’re in need of a car-themed title for your mobile phone, then look no further than GRID Autosport.



Credit: Roblox Corporation

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A game that has taken the mobile gaming scene by storm, Roblox is similar to Minecraft – a game that is also available on mobile – as it serves up the usual dose of sandbox massively multiplayer options.

With players able to create whatever they want in a 3D world, you’ll have a great deal of fun with this one.

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)


Credit: Rockstar Games

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Based on the GTA game with the same name, GTA V is a joy to play on a smartphone device.

With Michael, Trevor, and Franklin appearing throughout the game, you’re tasked with the usual mayhem-filled challenges this classic title offers.

From stealing cars to completing a variety of missions, the fact that this classic release can now be sampled on mobile makes it a game you simply have to download.

Genshin Impact


Credit: miHoYo

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Given its continual updates, Genshin Impact is a game that is still going strong in 2022.

Compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by many, the game offers glorious visuals and stunning all-around graphics to provide a truly pleasurable mobile gaming experience.

This title does a remarkable job at highlighting just how far smartphone gaming has come, as players can explore an open-world, anime-inspired setting in this free-to-play masterpiece.


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