Will There Be A Call My Agent Season 5 On Netflix? Has The Show Been Cancelled?


Call My Agent is one of the big hits at the moment on Netflix and Season 4’s just released. But, will there be a Call My Agent Season 5, and if so, when will its release date on Netflix be?

This French show is easily one of the best things you can watch on Netflix right now.

It seems to be a common theme in 2021 that all the best shows on Netflix are French or not in the English language.

Case in point, two of my favourite shows and also two of the best-performing series on Netflix are Lupin and Call My Agent.

OK, so Season 4 of Call My Agent has just been released on Netflix and it’s already got people talking.

Over here in France, which is where I’m based for the time being (thanks Covid. I actually love France), Call My Agent is in the number 4 position on Netflix’s Top 10 list.

Lupin is in the number 2 position and Fate: The Winx Saga is in at number one (somehow).

What’s going on with Call My Agent Season 5? Is it happening?


Credit: Netflix

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Right. So. Let’s get back to Call My Agent Season 4. The first three seasons of the show recently ended up on Netflix.

It’s not technically a Netflix original. What Netflix did was purchase the show, which was made by France 2.

It’s now available all over the world on Netflix apart from in Spain and Portugal for some reason.

Here’s Call My Agent Season 4’s plot synopsis:

Tantrums. Treachery. Secret flings. When you work with stars this big, the juiciest dramas play out behind the scenes.

This season of Call My Agent! sees ASK recruit a new senior agent from Starmedia, for better or worse. Meanwhile, Andréa and the team will have to fight for the custody of their clients. And what clients! Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sigourney Weaver, Jean Reno and more feature.

Why isn’t there going to be a Call My Agent Season 5 On Netflix?


Credit: Netflix

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The show is about a group of agents who work for ASK and it maps their struggles to keep their actors happy and keep their personal lives going whilst working a very, very stressful job. The job also takes up most of these agents’ time, and it’s all so that they can get 10% of these actors’ salaries.

The show stars Camille Cottin as Andréa Martel, Thibault de Montalembert as Mathias Barneville, Grégory Montel as Gabriel Sarda, Liliane Rovère as Arlette Azémar and Fanny Sidney as Camille Valentini to name but a few of the great actors in this show.

I think that Camille Cottin will end up getting a lot of offers after this show is done. Oh yes, speaking of the show being done and what will happen with Call My Agent Season 5, it’s not happening. The show hasn’t been cancelled. The show’s creators think that they’ve told the story they wanted to tell.

Will there be a Call My Agent movie?


Credit: Netflix

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Call My Agent’s producers Aurélien Larger and Harold Valentin of Mother Productions revealed to Variety that the fourth season is set to be the show’s final season. Here’s what they had to say on the matter:

With these characters, we feel we’ve told what needed to be told. Rather than do something like The Good Wife where we split the team and create an antagonist or enemy, we are happy with what we’re doing. It’s the right time to close the show.

They were then asked about where a Call My Agent film could happen. Valentine didn’t say it wouldn’t. He did say that they’d have to find the “right story” and the right trigger for the story.

What do you make of this feature? Would you like to see a Call My Agent movie in the future, and do you wish that Netflix would make a Season 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Faris

    Mais bien sur il faut continuer !! I absolutely loved Call My Agent and am so sad I have already finished Season 4. Please please please do continue the show with all the main characters as before. As per the previous comment, there are too many unanswered questions!

  2. Faris

    Completely agree with Ruth Fruehauf – finished watching Season 4 last night was so sad it has come to an end. It was a fantastic series – definitely one of the best I’ve seen in a very long while. I sincerely hope they do make a season 5 – please please please!

  3. Ruth Fruehauf

    Oh I’m so sad that I completed season 4 and yearning to hear good news that there will be some type of follow up. I’m in love with all the characters and hope they find a way to continue the store. What happens with Camille and her father… Will Arlette get another dog? What happens with the career of Herve? And will Noemie get to produce her movie? And then of course… will Gabriel get revenge on Elise? Too many unanswered questions… please please please don’t leave us hanging…..

  4. Lauren

    I think it was a very disappointing ending for Call My Agent. Especially to have the witch with a B winning after all her dirty tricks. Everything doesn’t have to be tied up neatly in a happy bow, but with Jean Gabin dying and ASK not recovering from the loose lips, mon Dieu ce n’est pas OK. Pas de tout! Surtout pas l’annee du Covid.

  5. Helen C

    I don’t generally watch sub-titled shows, but devoured every season of this beautifully written and produced series. I echo the thoughts of those who would love a follow-up, even a one-off special to show where everyone is. Bravo to all involved, this is my favourite series to date.

  6. Vince Mccabe

    I have just binge watched the whole series. With the possible exception of the BBC’s Yes Minster and Yes Prime Minister, there hasn’t been a comedy since that particular production, that has so completely enthralled me, for it’s wit, dialogue and comedic characterisations. That the series is French, simply adds a delicious piquancy to the visual and verbal banquet that is Call My Agent. If this is the last series, with no follow on series five being made, then I have feasted sumptuously and gorged myself hedonisticaly. Sadly, I will now will be forced again, to diet on the meagre scraps of comedy that claim to be entertaining, yet leave you bored and bereft. Au revoir to the best show on Netflix.

  7. Patricia Hadley

    It’s the best thing I’ve seen on TV – Ever !! So sophisticated, so amusing and tremendously well acted.
    I binge watched it first time, but enjoyed it even more when I watched it all over again. This time I ‘got’
    stuff I had passed over first time. I have only a little school-girl French, but have now increased my vocabulary substantiously. Please, Please can we have another series ??
    Patricia Hadley Birmingham UK

  8. richard Brook

    A great great show. Depressing to have it end. They seemed like family after awhile. There must be a fifth (perhaps sixth) season. Binge watching has its downside.

  9. Anne Zenzer

    Fabulous series. The story line, the acting, Parisian scenery made it the best series I have watched behind the Spanish Bambu production Velvet. The four seasons had a rythme,a fishing line pull to a conclusion but it shouldn’t end there. I can think of several new storylines and there is plenty of material left with characters, new opportunities for a fabulous new spinoff if not just a continuation. I have watched it twice and will watch again for sure. Now what? So little out there of the calibre of this production. My French improved as well.

  10. Steven Samnick

    My wife and I only started watching a few weeks ago and just the pleasure of seeing the last episode of season 4. I’ve read that the producers felt they’ve told the story they wanted to tell and we get that, even if we would have preferred to see more seasons. If they choose to go the way of Dowton Abbey and make one or more movies, we will be watching them all. We love the show.

  11. Ian P

    The very first thing I’m planning on doing when I finish season four is go back and start season one over. This is the best thing I’ve seen in the last year and has turned me back on the the French language (something I thought my high school teacher knocked out of me years ago). Superb! Yes to season five – PLEASE!

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