What’s Happening With The SnyderVerse At Warner Bros. Discovery?


What’s happening with the SnyderVerse at Warner Bros. Discovery? I do believe that this is the question I’ve been asked the most over the past few months.

People are just desperate to know what’s going on and why Warner Bros. Pictures seems to be so against the SnyderVerse and Zack Snyder’s DC Comics movies.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League came out this year and it was met with a lot of positivity.

Not only from the fans but critics also.

Almost everyone was in agreement that Zack Snyder’s four-hour-long movie was far better than Joss Whedon’s 2017 version.

It also did pretty darn well on HBO Max and it continuing to impress on the streaming platform.

Numbers outside of the United States were really impressive, yet we hear literally nothing from Warner Bros. Pictures themselves about how the movie was doing.

Why does Warner Bros. hate the SnyderVerse?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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All we got was WarnerMedia Studios’ CEO, Ann Sarnoff, come out and brand the SnyderVerse fans as “toxic” and also say that Snyder’s movies at DC Comics had come to an end.

Well, what’s going to happen now since WarnerMedia and Discovery’s merger?

What I can tell you is that it seems as though the tide is starting to turn, but in whose direction?

There have been a bunch of articles written about what’s happening with the SnyderVerse – some positive, some negative.

The truth of the matter is that the SnyderVerse, as it stands, is dead at Warner Bros. Pictures.

But, Warner Bros. is now under new management.

What’s happening to Warner Bros’ management?


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The WarnerMedia and Discovery merger has really thrown the company through a loop and it seems as though there’s about to be an exodus at Warner Bros. at the management level.

We’ve already heard that Toby Emmerich is shopping for a new job.

He’s been courting Netflix, and there have been grumblings that Ann Sarnoff and Walter Hamada’s positions might be in jeopardy.

Nothing official has been announced yet, and as of wiring this article, they are all still employed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

However, David Zaslav, Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Communications, has admitted that they are looking at whether they need to change certain personnel.

Zaslav is now basically in charge of this new WarnerMedia/Discovery merger.

It was also revealed that Jason Kilar will remain at the company until at least 2023.

He was the CEO of WarnerMedia and his future at the company was put into question after the merger.

It was also revealed that he was talking to lawyers about his predicament.

Well, he’s managed to keep his job, for now.

Warner Bros. Discovery has to sort itself out first


Credit: Small Screen

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So, all of this to show that there’s real turmoil inside WarnerMedia and Warner Bros. at the moment.

Therefore, I think the priority for Warner Bros. Discovery (which is the company’s new name) is sorting itself out.

They need to do that before they can even think of green lighting any other projects.

So, wth that in mind, what does this mean for the SnyderVerse.

It means that the SnyderVerse is effectively on ice.

Zack Snyder has made it very clear that he would come back for a Justice League sequel.

Therefore, what’s happening with the SnyderVerse over at Warner Bros. Discovery?

The short answer is nothing at the moment.

The SnyderVerse is on ice at the moment


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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There’s not much happening with the SnyderVerse and they probably won’t be even thinking of what to do with it for another few months yet.

As for Zack Snyder, he’s going to be OK for quite some time.

2021 has been a really good year for Snyder.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was really well received and Army Of The Dead has been breaking all sorts of records on Netflix.

It already looks like Snyder is going to be working on a sequel to that movie for Netflix.

What do you make of this feature?

Do you want the SnyderVerse to continue over at Warner Bros.?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Matthew McGuire

    It makes sense to let Zack finish it off. His cut was well received and continues to top the charts in other areas such as the UK. They can always let the characters be recast at the end of his SnyderVerse saga, and enough voices have been ecstatic to finally see Darkseid. Here’s hoping that we get the full course and not just this appetizer.

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