What To Expect From The Next Instalment Of Peaky Blinders

Like a lot of TV programmes that were being produced, Peaky Blinders was somewhat delayed due to the ongoing – and seemingly never-ending – Covid 19 pandemic. At long last, to much-awaited fanfare, a brief announcement recently dropped.

At around 30 seconds long, the BBC clip suggests that the final series will drop in early 2022, complete with somewhat of a dramatically tense exchange between old foes Tommy Shelby and Alife Solomons.

But what should we expect from the next instalment of Peaky Blinders? Be warned – there are some spoilers from previous series’ here, sop make sure you go and watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix if you have not yet caught up.

There Will Be A Part 2 To The Last Series of Peaky Blinders

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Credit: BBC

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The last series ended on something of a cliffhanger – and who knows what could happen next? Tommy Shelby has since become an MP – granted, not through the most ethical means – and had been making a name for himself in the House Of Commons. Allegiances are struck and alliances die by night – and as the series begins to progress, he essentially sets out to kill Oswald Mosley. (Just add a few in-house family dramas – such as with his new wife, Lizzie, and the wife of his older brother, Arthur, going off the rails – and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.)

In a shock twist, Tommy turns to old foe Alfie Solomons to set up something of a ‘takedown’ – where Alfie’s ‘men’ will be used as a distraction, where Barney, an old solider friend, will be the sniper in the sky to take him out on stage. (This is further complicated by the fact that Barney clearly has a condition such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – which is not recognised at the time.)

At the last moment, the stage is set; Oswald Mosley is making his address on stage, next to Tommy. The ‘men’ from Solomon’s side are in a position to cause a distraction, made to look like a protest against Fascism. However, a shocking turn of events means that the Shelby family is taken out – Aberama Gold is shot, as is Barney (who was broken out of a secure facility especially for this), and the plan falls apart in seconds.

There needs to be a second part to this – to tie up all loose endings. History shows us Oswald Mosley was obviously not assassinated – but the plot line needs to answer the questions of the last series. That includes, for example….

Who Was The ‘Mole’?


Credit: BBC

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It would be obvious to all – even the least ‘detective’ type of person – that there would have been a ‘Mole’ involved in this, in order to undo and ruin such an elaborate ruse. It may well have been the character of Michael Grey – the upstart in the family who earned the wrath of most of the older of the clan, for trying to effectively take power, in something of a struggle.

He may well have been the ‘mole’ in all of this; we know he is not to be trusted, for example, such as when he was caught out when it came to Luca Changretta. (Seriously – go back and watch that. Tell us he is not the ‘mole’!)

And what about the character of Barney?

The poor character of Barney – he needs some sort of justice from the Shelby family, in the sense of being avenged. He argued he had no idea what he was doing – in the sense of being detached from reality – and was brought in to carry out an execution by a ruthless family. He needs some kind of justice – however that may be.

Helen McCroy Needs Her Moment, In Tribute

The world of actors was somewhat shocked when Helen McCroy suddenly passed away. McCroy had played the somewhat indomitable character of ‘Aunt Polly’ – a fearsome woman who, arguably, is the only person Tommy Shelby is afraid of. Just complete with a slash of lipstick, a bobbed haircut, and specific cigarettes bandied around. Aunt Polly was a huge part of Peaky Blinders – enough to take down Luca Changretta, to take care of the women in the family (enough to advise on marital problems). She was also fearsome in not allowing her son, Michael Grey, to take over – and she let him have it. McCroy was arguably iconic in such a role – and she needs some kind of appropriate send-off.

“Alfie, I Think I May Have Written Your Final Act.”


Credit: BBC

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In the 30 second clip that was released recently, there is a dramatic re-meeting of the foes-turned-allies Tommy Shelby and Alfie Solomons. Alfie, another gangster, had taken part in the botched assassination attempt; he and the Shelby family were foes – enough that Solomons was complicit in the abduction of Charlie Shelby, Tommy’s son. That was obviously crossing some kind of code – enough so that one series ended up with Tommy shooting Solomons on a beach.

The camera pans so that you can’t actually see Solomons’ body – however, he made a shock return in the last series. Granted, some damage had been done by being shot in the face, such as having to have an eye replaced, a lot of visual scarring is now evident. However, Alfie Solomons survives the botched assassination attempt – despite several of the most iconic members of the clan being taken out.

“Alfie, I Think I May Have Written Your Final Act.” Ten simple words are said by Tommy Shelby in this clip – and that’s it. Presuambly there will be some kind of last alliance, some kind of last ‘stand’; who knows? The allusion to final act may suggest that Solomons is dying – we kind of already know that from previous episodes. But that means he has nothing left to loose, and that arguably makes Solomons even more of a dangerous character than previous episodes would suggest.

Peaky Blinders’ Final Instalment will have An Early 2022 Release


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The 30-second clip says that Peaky Blinders will be back in early 2022 – presumably, that will be prior to March next year.

Peaky Blinders will be back in early 2022 on the BBC.


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