Everything We Want To See In Peaky Blinders Season 6

Rumours are circulating on the internet that Season 6 of Peaky Blinders has resumed filming.

Delayed due to the pandemic – thank you Covid 19 – this has not been confirmed; Digital Spy also recently published a piece with all your questions answered, which you can read here. (If all goes to plan – unlikely due to Coronavirus – it’ll be some time in 2021 we get a new series. *Sobs*.)

While the world looks to an uncertain future, we have compiled all the plot twists and character strategies we wish to see in the next series.

Series five ended somewhat abruptly, with the sixth series to act like something of a bookend.

And now, like we have done all year, we just have to wait. *Sighs*

Is Alfie Solomons a friend or foe?


Credit: BBC

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In a shock return, Alfie Solomons appeared in the finale of season five.

Having been previously shot by Tommy Shelby, it was reasonable to think we had seen the last of him.

Yet, he was put back together – minus the use of one eye, plus scars and illness-marked skin.

Known for his incidental comedic timing, Tom Hardy created a memorable an popular character. (And rumour has it he is the next 007!)

But his motives have always been questionable – such as having most of the Shelby family arrested during a Jewish Holy celebration, as well as double-crossing other collaborators.

In a shock ending, the Shelby’s plan to kill Oswald Mosely was graphically foiled.

Tom Hardy’s character had teamed up with the Shelby’s; Jewish men would be provided to create chaos at a Fascist meeting, so Mosely could be shot meanwhile.

Head gangster Tommy Shelby is now an MP – and must not be seen to be involved with murders and any such crime.

But what about Alfie Solomons – did he have anything to do with the shock ending?

Who killed Danny Whizz-bang?

One episode of season five was particularly memorable; Danny Whizz-bang was broken out of an asylum (as they were called), complete with the memorable phrase “IT’S FUCKING WEDNESDAY”. (My emphasis.)

Just add a soundtrack meant to mirror the work of the ‘clay kickers’ at a deafening level and an explosion of sorts.

Who killed have possibly have known about Whizz-bang’s lethal role?

Who killed this man, who didn’t know, really, what he was doing?

Justice for Aberama Gold

Several beloved characters took a ‘hit’ in season five.

Aberama Gold has been a recurring character for a while, a long-term collaborator of the Shelby crime family.

A hitman available for hire, he was shown to have a soft spot – and had asked matriarch Polly Gray (arguably the only woman Tommy Shelby is accountable to) to marry him.

It was so sweet! And very tender.

Aberama Gold was killed in the finale. He had also planned to avenge the graphic death of his son, another horrifying moment in season five in the finale.

They were both beloved characters. Please, season six, avenge them!

Is time up for Tommy Shelby?


Credit: BBC

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There is trouble in the ranks.

Cillian Murphy’s character, Tommy, is the head of the Shelby crime family – and is known for his ability to avoid danger, as well as the various deals and underhanded dealings he conducts.

However, a recurring theme seems to possibly be PTSD – complete with episodes of what may be disassociation.

He is also struggling to reconcile himself after the death of his wife, Grace – yet always puts on a brave face.

Micheal is a member of the family, having been reunited in an earlier series.

(Polly is his mother, but there was a forced adoption of her two children.)

Having been called back to England, Micheal had developed a hedonistic, bombastic even entitled attitude.

The business he was supposed to set up in the states has been squandered.

And he may have sort of betrayed the family, too.

He also has a new wife, Gina, who the family clearly detests.

Though it may be sexist to suggest, Gina seems to be more manipulative than she seems.

Until she arrived on the scene, Micheal was in line with the family – yet she is always pushing him forward.

There is a struggle for power among the ranks. Gina and Micheal have hatched a plan that remains to be seen.

Is time up for Tommy Shelby, or will he stamp out those vying for his crown?

We need to talk about Arthur Shelby


Credit: BBC

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An earlier series saw Arthur Shelby struggling.

He had a wife, children, a home.

He had even begun a religious journey, having turned to God.

Yet, he was always being called back to Birmingham, to carry out the bidding of the family.

Down and dirty style.

Though Linda could be a tiresome character, Arthur’s rage was under control a lot of the time, as was his abuse of alcohol and drugs.

The marriage came to a dramatic end in season five – even to the point that Linda, the one-time feminist hero we all need, even probed the idea of divorce.

(At the time it would have not been looked upon kindly. See also: Wallace Simpson.)

Arthur eventually goes on a complete rampage.

Complete with guns and a shootout.

You’d be terrified if you saw him in person.

Season six could reflect a changing time, one where tolerance slowly starts to build in society.

Arthur clearly has a mental health issue; someone should take care of him, look out for his best interests.

Oswald Mosely needs to be held accountable

Tommy Shelby has grown into a more nuanced character; killing Mosely is not necessarily for his own gain – as he admits he wishes the kill the message of Fascism.

While the historians among us will know that Mosely survives for a long time after – he died in 1980, in France – something tells me he will be held accountable for his abhorrent actions in the next season.

While the series is coming to confront another war, let’s hope it’s done right.

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