Everything We Want To See In The New Peaky Blinders Film

When the world shut down in almost complete entirety last year, one of the most beloved casualties was that of Peaky Blinders, the hit BBC drama.

The re-shooting has only just begun fairly recently – and there has always been a buzz about a potential spin-off film.

According to Digital Spy, an official Peaky Blinders film has been confirmed – as the seventh season of the franchise has been swapped for an on-screen ‘flick’.

Covid 19 has had a huge impact across the arts – but this was perhaps a better ending.

For more information, you can read more from Digital Spy here.

What do we want to see from the film? Well – as always, bear in mind there are spoilers from this point onwards.

For a mix of historical drama, romance, all combined with classical gangster ‘epic’ plot lines, you will love this.

This is everything we want to see in the new Peaky Blinders film

Justice For Lizzie

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Credit: BBC

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Lizzie is one of the best ‘Shelby’ girls – even if her union with Tommy Shelby is the product of a modern-day melodrama.

As a former prostitute, she began her life at the firm as something of a secretary.

Trained in shorthand and typing, she watched as Tommy married and later grieved the death of Grace, his wife.

She would later marry him, the head of the firm, and is mother to one baby and a replacement figure to another, older child.

She has put up with so much – and is not exactly respected in return, with her past still a punchline, treated as a cruel joke.

One scene sees her stand by her husband while another ‘Shelby wife’ contemplates divorce and faith.

A film would be after the series – where she would presumably be one of the leading members of the firm.

As an older woman, she could potentially take the reins from Tommy.

It would make for a good character clash.

A Take Down Of Max Mosley And Associated Beliefs

Series five sees Tommy Shelby enter Parliament – and Max Mosely slowly becomes a bigger part of the plot.

Tommy attempts to kill him – but this is subverted in true, graphic fashion.

The assassination is more for financial reasons than anything else.

Wouldn’t it be good to see Tommy Shelby a little bit more vulnerable, philosophical in older age?

A takedown of Max Mosley in series six would be great – but so would associated beliefs being taken down in the film would be great, too.

Justice For The Dear And Departed Danny Whizzbang – By Mental Heath Reform

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Credit: BBC

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What is truly wonderful about the Shelby family is that they are not just violent for the sake f being violent; there are – sometimes – morals as to why.

It is a method to achieve ends they desire. We have seen this throughout the series, such as dealing with institutionalised abuse of children overseen by a cohort of Nuns.

Danny Whizzbang did not really have a grounding in reality when he was set up to shoot Oswald Mosley.

He may have been a crack shoot, dangerous with even the most basic of weapons, but he had no real concept of the present day.

PTSD also may have had an impact, too. But he was brutally murdered while the Shelby family were attempting to use him to kill Mosley.

In a more avant-garde sense, he was innocent in all of the proceedings.

He deserves some justice – and it would be a nice touch to see the Shelby family putting at least some efforts into the reform of mental health and associated care.

… And The Elusive, Enigmatic Mr Gold

Mr Gold also died. If Grace gets a name check via a home for orphaned girls, he should have the same – even if it is just a thirty-second name-checked reference.

Will Polly Ever Find Love Again? Yes, Please


Credit: BBC

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Polly is the ice-cool Queen – with a capital Q – of the Shelby clan.

She keeps all the brothers in check, and is maybe the only person that Tommy Shelby can sometimes be afraid of.

He is also indebted to her, and walks somewhat in her shadow.

The life of Polly Grey has been somewhat traumatic, bumpy, complicated, contradictory – complete with her having the ‘second sight’ gift, too.

She is also really stylish – look at that hat, those taloned nails! – all the while brandishing a cigarette with true dramatic swagger.

She and ‘Mr Gold’ – her pet name – were an unlikely match, considering they were both from rival gang family factions.

But they adored each other clearly more than life itself, with both ready to die for the other.

Will Aunt Polly be the sort to be a miserable spinster, or a stylish lady ready to enjoy herself as she ages?

My money is on the latter – but she will probably still be pining for her true love.

Reconciliation Or Resolution For Arthur In Old Age

As the oldest of the Shelby brothers, Arthur is something of a misunderstood, lonely, troubled son.

He shares some characteristics with one of the Kray twins, in that he is often prone to violent bursts of rage and anger, to only become smooth and malleable later on.

He tries to do good, and even found Gd at one point – only for his wife, Linda, to later be shot dead while she was trying to kill one of the Shelbys.

They were at the point of divorcing…

Arthur has developed so much as a character, and is not just a lean and mean killing machine – as some of the other brothers could be called.

In older age, he should at least be rewarded with some reconciliation or resolution; he has done so much work on himself, and he should be rewarded just for trying to be a better person.

The Crown Weighs Heavily On The Head Of Dear Thomas Shelby. Will He Give It Up?


Credit: BBC

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Series five of Peaky Blinders hinted at their being trouble in the ranks of the Shelby clan, thanks to the newest recruit, Micheal Grey.

(All together now: ugh!)

But a mellow Thomas would be a remarkable change of pace.


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