What To Expect From The Online Casino Industry In 2022?

Online gambling is constantly evolving and taking advantage of new technologies to make the experience better for players. The 21st century continues to serve innovations that advance the sector, and fresh ideas are expected to continue taking root in 2022. Here are the trends in the online casino niche anticipated to arrive or continue in 2022.

More Artificial Intelligence


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AI is a significant part of the gambling industry today, and that dependence is expected to grow in 2022. The tech is already being used for customer service on most websites. Chatbots achieve natural, human-like interactions and offer quick solutions to issues. 

The bots also work as dealers in online blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and other games. This AI is more suitable for casinos since they cut the cost of salaries while serving their clients better.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Behaviors (IoB) also demonstrate how valuable artificial intelligence is to the online gambling industry.  IoT is an interconnected network that collects and exchanges data through the net. This system can consume data in limitless formats and allows gaming companies to track players’ habits to serve them better. 

Human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction is not necessary for the system to work. IoB then converts the data into valuable information and responds according to the gamblers’ interests, preferences, and behaviors. 

Casino operators and game developers apply the results to create and market their games and other services. Big Time Gaming is a software developer already using this system in partnership with Future Anthem’s Anthemetrics.

VR and AR

Virtual Reality has been experiencing peaking popularity since the mid-2010s when the gadgets were made widely available to the general public. The tech immerses gamblers’ entire field of vision into an artificial reality where gameplay takes place. The tech has already been tried in several pokie machines, including;

  • Art of the Heist
  • Sprinkles
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Space Lights
  • Necromancer
  • Gonzo’s Quest

VR gambling is not as widespread as mobile gambling, but its popularity is set to peak in 2022. Players can purchase the gadgets required for gameplay on popular market platforms like Amazon. Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC, and Oculus.

Augmented Reality is already a success in the social media and video game industries after Pokémon Go hit the market in 2016. Online gambling is slowly adapting to the trend, and game studios and casinos will offer more options that exploit the tech. With AR, gamblers will be able to summon a poker table on any real-life surface virtually or explore the streets of Las Vegas on their living room floor.

Increased Blockchain Gambling Rates

Blockchain technology is a rising technology revolutionizing internet industries with its seamless integration. Cryptocurrencies, which run on this technology, continue to alter consumer habits, and the gambling niche is adapting to the changes. 

Digital currencies allow casinos and consumers to explore intense gambling experiences otherwise limited in centralized systems. Online casinos are a perfect match for blockchain, and their interdependence will grow in 2022. Today, it offers users the following advantages:

  • Data transparency – any blockchain participant can track a transfer on the system to the linked public address, a handy feature to confirm the legitimacy of transactions.
  • Anonymity – personal information is encrypted in countless layers to guarantee its safety. Players have exclusive access to sensitive data like their name, deposited amount, and wallet key. Although transactions can be tracked using public addresses, the system restricts information like the account’s owner or the stored amount. The tracker cannot transact using it either.
  • Decentralization – blockchain is independent of any authority or government to regulate it like other currencies’ systems.
  • Hacker resistant – There is no way for anyone to access the BTC wallet without a key. The wallet can even be offline, making it harder to access by unauthorized parties.
  • Low transaction fees – eliminating third parties like banks saves cryptocurrency users a lot. Transactions on the blockchain usually require a small amount to be carried out. The paid amount can vary, and higher precedence is given to those that are more generous. This is unlike ordinary transactions where standard fees apply as dictated by the authorities.

Game Upgrades

Casino game technology trends will also change in the coming year. Software developers are constantly innovating their sets, giving players more ways to entertain themselves. Some trends from 2021 are predicted to continue in 2022, such as upgraded visual quality to match the 8K screen resolutions provided by the current mobile, PC, and other gadgets used for gameplay. 

The Megaways mechanic will continue sweeping through slot machines as well. This engine has allowed game studios to reinvent timeless releases like Gonzo’s Quest, Piggy Riches, The Dog House, Fishin’ Frenzy, and Great Rhino in the past two years. 

Secure Gameplay

The omnipresent nature of online casinos is a significant selling point, but it is also cause for concern due to security issues. Without the proper measures, sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands, such as scammers and fraudsters. 

Gambling dens have continuously exploited the latest security technology to reassure the masses of their safety. SSL encryption is the most common form of security used on these websites. The system uses digital passports to authenticate any web communication to maintain confidentiality. The provided cryptographic key is the only way to get an SSL certificate and access information. 

More Live Dealer Gambling

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Live gambling had a significant boost in popularity during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and it continues to be a solution in regions that are still affected. The niche’s market share has increased by more than 13% from 2020, and the trend is set to continue in the future. 

Live casinos are the closest replicas of real-life gambling, which suits gamblers that don’t want to compromise the comfort of their location. These casinos stream live sessions from brick-and-mortar locations with human dealers, tables, cards, and other elements found in location-based gambling clubs.

Socially Responsible Practices

Online gambling’s rise comes with increased mental health issues among the masses. Gambling companies continue to improve their responsible gambling measures to ensure the problem does not grow into compulsive behavior. New standards will be set in 2022 to cap underage gambling and irresponsible spending.

In Short…

The online gambling niche has come a long way in two decades, and it continues to evolve every day. 2022 will likely offer many fun new ways to explore the pastime on mobile and PC devices.


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