What Do Lucifer Fans Want To See In Season 5B?

To much fanfare, it was finally announced this week. Lucifer, one of the most popular Netflix series’ after being brought from FOX, had to ‘down production’ thanks to the pandemic.

The fifth season was split into two, part 5A and part 5B.

May 28th will see part 5B finally debut on Netflix, with a sixth and final season to follow soon after.

But what do the self-described ‘Lucifans’ want to see in part 5B?

What do Lucifer fans want to see in Lucifer Season 5 Part B?

It may only be two months (more of less) until the programme debuts – but the ‘fandom’ is very ardent, enough to save the show to move it to Netflix.

Be warned – there are spoilers from previous seasons beyond this point.

If you haven’t seen all of the previous Lucifer episodes yet, go back and watch them before reading this.

“Oh My Dad”


Credit: Netflix

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The topic of ‘Dad’ has been a recurring theme throughout Lucifer and is often the reference of a decent pun or two.

(Think about it from the Devil’s perspective. God is his father, after all.)

At the end of 5A, there was an all-out, epic celestial fight. We had the devil, angels, demons, fighting it out while time had stopped.

There was some pretty big wing action, too.

But then God himself intervened, and stepped right into the police precinct – and the series ended with the words “Children, you know I hate it when you fight.”

There was a hint that a future episode would have some sort of celestial dinner sit down ‘as a family’.

A brief, ten-second scene tacked into a Netflix ad shows some sort of reconciliation scene.

There needs to be a sit-down between God and the Devil himself.

And the series could return to its earliest days when there was more than just superficial plot lines, with a dash of philosophy. 

Is this the end for Deckerstar – or will we be seeing the new Queen of Hell?

What will happen to Chloe Decker and Lucifer?

One episode had a goodbye greeting.

Could Chloe be the new Queen of Hell?

Maze. Needs. A. Soul.


Credit: Netflix

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Maze was the demon that followed the Lord of Hell to Earth, through the gates of Hell.

She left the only home that she had always known, and would have only known, to go to the City Of Angels.

While there, Lucifer somewhat betrayed Maze.

She never knew her mother; as a demon, she does not have a soul, a direct choice of her mother.

As a consequence, Maze has struggled to feel whole at various points throughout the franchise.

Maze needs a soul.

She may have a tough exterior, and one with a sense of fierceness and sexiness, but she’s a ‘softy’ underneath.

She has done so much for the Lord of Hell himself, his love interest, her friend, her adopted family.

The very least she deserves for always being the one to give would be to have a soul.

Maze And Trixie Also Need A Spin-Off As The Most Iconic Duo In The Series

Lucifer Season 5 Trixie

Credit: Netflix

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Lucifer has been running for almost a decade – and the cast recently wrapped the sixth and final season.

What is notable, and perhaps not always talked about, is that we have seen the character of Trixie effectively grown up on the screen.

(It also seems that she has always known Lucifer was, well, Lucifer – as a popular fan theory seems to suggest.)

Maze and Trixie have become something of an iconic duo from the very beginning of the series.

They have often paired up, and caused havoc along the way – and became something of an iconic duo as a result.

They need a spin-off of some sort. There would definitely be the fanbase who would watch, after all. 

The Odd Love Triangle Needs Questioning

Can we talk about the very strange love triangle that is at the centre of this franchise?

An episode of reflection might be worth the while, just to bring a sense a gritty realism to the programme.

Dan was married to Chloe.

Chloe and Dan eventually divorced, but remained friends and even work together.

Chloe is so obviously getting together with Lucifer – they aren’t quite at the ‘official’ stage yet.

Yet Dan is also Lucifer’s wingman and advisor at the best of times.

It can be messy, complicated, and strange at the best of times – but oddly wholesome.

To see this being questioned could also add comical value, too.

Dan Is Erratic But Will He See Sense?


Credit: Netflix

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The evil twin, Micheal, set Dan up to find out Lucifer was, well, Lucifer.

This also suggested at something of a somewhat gullible nature, too, with a dramatic shoot-out scene following, topped off with Dan’s erratic behaviour.

All he needed was time to cool down, to kind of come down, accept the reality that the ‘prince of lies’ was on his very own doorstep.

(It can take time – and other characters have even gone across the globe to reconcile this very inconvenient truth.)

The erratic behaviour that followed was not exactly typical of Dan.

But it is in his best interests to accept Lucifer, in order that his world may remain un-disrupted – and to keep a relationship with his daughter, Trixie.

Will he see sense? Who knows.

Dr Linda Martin To Take Center Stage

A therapist by profession, Dr Linda Martin is the very backbone of the group of Lucifer, Chloe, Dan, and all the rest of the cast.

She has often been relegated to the background, a character who enables plots rather than being at the heart of the drama.

The character has always been in need of development.

She should at least take center stage in 5B, to at least be given the chance to reconcile with the daughter she gave up for adoption long ago.

It is something that taunts her. 

The Question Of Ella’s Darkness Needs To Be Resolved


Credit: Netflix

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What is this ‘darkness’ that follows Ella, the purest, most positively wholesome character of the lot, around?

Tell us, please!


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