Here’s Everything We Know About Lucifer Season 6

WARNING: There could be SPOILERS for Lucifer Season 6 in this article.

Of all the things that were planned for 2020 and 2021, you can probably guess that only a handful of such events actually took place. We have turned into our screens for the last year and a bit – because entertainment! Escapism! A way out of our misery!

The further this pandemic goes on, the more so we are seeing some media productions being suspended. You know the sort – Batman with Robert Pattinson some months ago, some edits of His Dark Materials, the seemingly infinite delay of No Time To Die. (Sob. You can see what we want to see in *that* film here.) Lucifer, the Netflix series, has been affected by the pandemic. While fans wait for season 5B (the second instalment of season five) AND season six, we delved into all we know about the upcoming seasons – and tried to answer the age-old question of when they will both be broadcast.

Also: past this point there will be some spoilers – so if you have not caught up on all available episodes of Lucifer on Amazon Prime and Netflix, you have been warned.

It’s All In The Title


Credit: Netflix

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Long-time fans of the show – also called LuciFans – will probably be waiting impatiently for the next episodes. The fan theories are rifle. And, with the adaptation of communicating via screens remotely, the official Writer’s Room Twitter account has been systematically posting the episode names that we should expect.

The titles of the episodes – all which you can view here – have caused a stir at times. (Although some fans have found this repetitive and tedious, with no real update on the series.) One episode, for example, is titled ‘Family Dinner.’ (With God appearing at the end of 5A, this suggests the extended celestial family will be dining together. Awkward does not cover it.) “Nothing Lasts Forever” suggests that everyone’s favourite couple experience some form of separation.

There Will Be A Musical Episode

This clip was released last year. Everyone is at a crime science – because yes, the main part of the show is solving gruesome crimes like murders – where the cast suddenly begin to sing Another One Bites The Dust by Queen.


There Will Likely Be A Significant Character Death

The speculation is running high thanks to the episode titles being revealed on Twitter – with one episode called ‘Goodbye, Lucifer.’ There is likely to be a character death – with some suggesting it will be the character of Dan, even Maze. More on the reaction can be found here.

What Does Lucifer Season 5B’s Trailer Mean?

Well, the trailer might be a tad misleading. At the end of an ad for other Netflix productions, there was a scene of merely seconds featuring the Devil himself and God appealing to his fallen son. This is likely to be for season 5B, following on from the cliffhanger that we were left with.

And The Role Of God?  

At the end of season 5A, there was an all-out battle between four of the main celestial beings – complete with the big angel wings to assert some muscle.Time was frozen, and every human being was impacted. Just as the music began to reach a climax, with everyone having some degree of injuries – often acquired from kickass demon Maze, played by Lesley Ann Brandt – the creator appeared. God himself stepped down from Heaven with the words “that’s enough”, and appeared in the police precinct.

Several questions have been raised about what this could possibly mean – especially since Angels are not supposed to kill, and Lucifer killed Cain, the world’s first murderer, to protect his beloved Detective. Be it an accidental plot hole, the ‘Family Dinner’ episode is going to be very awkward.

When Will These Of Lucifer Season 6 Episodes Air?


Credit: Netflix

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This is the question that has been asked for months – and there does not seem to be a full answer as yet. Covid 19 has had an impact on both sides of the Pond, it seems. Netflix has left ‘Episodes to come soon’ branding – but there has been a degree of confusion, still.

A pandemic means that the usual rules of when Netflix will broadcast its latest films will be thrown out the window – so forget about ‘six months after this, we will have another series’ sort of thing. The creators of Lucifer have already said that Covid 19 has screwed up their plans, too – so this should generally be ignored for trying to predict a broadcast timeline.

At the end of August last year, lead actor Tom Ellis (the Devil himself!) suggested that the episodes would be aired either at Christmas or in early 2021. However, this has since been contradicted by showrunner Joe Henderson via his Twitter account. Another showrunner also suggested that the editing of the VFX effects – think big angel wings! – was also taking a lot longer than originally expected.

In short: who knows? Covid 19 has impacted all of our lives – and it means having to adapt and things taking time to return to normality. 

The Most Important Question: What Will Happen To Lucifer?

Lucifer-Season-5-Part B-Netflix-Trailer-Tom-Ellis

Credit: Netflix

5A finally saw Lucifer and the Detective get together – although they hd not exavtly cemented a relationship status, which was not helped by the intervention of the evil twin Micheal. (Kidnapping just kills the vibe, you know?) Lucifer was also having a hard time expressing his love for Chloe – as shown through her questioning his feelings for her, and using the word ‘Chloe’ to signal he had something important to say. At that point, Micheal appeared and time stopped – meaning Chloe was rendered frozen in time.

Season six has been confirmed as the final season of Lucifer by Netflix. If you want any clues as to the story line, you may well find out through the original comics. The titles of the episodes that have been revealed have dropped some major clues – but nothing has been confirmed as yet. People behind the show have also said to “trust us” – and while it’ll be emotional, apparently it will be worth it.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to seeing Lucifer Season 6 on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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