Wednesday Star Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault

Wednesday Star Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault 01

One Wednesday star is facing serious accusations of sexual assault online from several women. A Twitter thread @milkievich started has surfaced with posts from women accusing Percy Hynes White of sexual assault.

Apparently, these have been growing on several other platforms on the internet. This has all resulted in a call to #cancelpercy on Twitter.

While one whisper of a rumour could be readily dismissed, several whispers gathering a stronger voice online could no longer be brushed off. Evidently, the allegations have reached a strength that would drive the actor to disable the comments on his own Instagram account.

Many entries on the thread cite stories of friends of his victims or those who have seen them break down in disbelief and anger upon seeing the actor on the popular Netflix show.

Private group chats, some claiming to have directly messaged White himself, and screen captures of the conversations glaringly paint a grotesque person behind the celebrity’s image.

Wednesday Star Percy Hynes White Could Face Sexual Assault Charges

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Countless entries suggest they or someone they know fell victim to White’s advances. And when he does not get his way, he resorts to verbal and mental abuse leading the one refusing his advances to distress and depression.

One entry even posts his intimate engagements with a minor and that he knows of her age at the time. Other posts appear to attest to his tendencies to racial slurs and choice of demeaning words going further into stating that they know he has said that he ‘hates his fans’.

The allegations are increasing rapidly as well as gaining alarming traction. As the justice system dictates that one is innocent until proven guilty, White has a lot of explaining to do.

Denial of these accusations could also be an option but given the number of sources, that course of action is going to be weak. Definitely, this thread with these allegations is hurting the actor’s career.

Wednesday Star Accused Of Sexual Assault Could Lose Everything

Wednesday Star Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault

Credit: Netflix

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People are now expecting that his role as Xavier Thorpe in Netflix’s Wednesday will either be recast or removed. Xavier is the quiet yet influential peer of Wednesday Addams in Nevermore Academy.

He shares a memory with Wednesday during their early years when she saved him from being buried alive. Since then, she has taken hold of a part of his thoughts. When she arrived at the academy, the memory pushed him to develop a full-fledged attraction towards Wednesday.

By the end of the first season, Xavier gifts Wednesday a mobile phone hoping to receive at least a message from the daughter of the Addams family. Their academic year got cut short due to the events that transpired. However, everyone expected everybody else to return the following year.

At this rate, either Xavier Thorpe gets a recast or gets written off the storyline altogether. A growing number of comments online state that Netflix will easily get another actor to cover the role if they have to.

One comment stated that the uploaded posts might not be substantial actually to get the actor to appear in court. In fact, the post also stated that the thread originator should be careful as these could lead her to face a libel suit.

Who then carries the burden of proof? Meanwhile, at White’s corner, nor from anyone connected to Netflix’s Wednesday, it’s quite silent amidst all these accusations.

From being an outcast in Netflix’s Wednesday, the Xavier Thorpe actor seems to be facing an online “percycution”.

What do you think would happen to Xavier Thorpe of Netflix’s Wednesday because of what Percy Hynes White is going through? What are your thoughts on the online allegations towards the actor?

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