Wednesday Season 2 Officially Renewed By Netflix


This just in! It’s just been revealed by Netflix that they have officially renewed Wednesday Season 2. That’s right. The Addams family is staying put at Netflix and they are getting another season to boot!

Netflix took to Twitter to announce that they gave the green light to the Addams Family’s eldest daughter. Gomez’s little thundercloud gets her second season. Isn’t that just brilliant!?

And, of course, almost immediately fans trooped to the comment section to appreciate the update and retweet. We can’t wait to see Jenna Ortega portray Pugsley’s big sister again.

Netflix Officially Renews Wednesday Season 2

It’s Official Netflix Renews Wednesday For Season 2

Credit: Netflix

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Right off the bat, we think of the possible plots for the upcoming season.

Here are our thoughts in no particular order:

    1. Principal Weems comes back from the dead! We don’t know how, just let Tim Burton figure it out. We’d love for Gwendoline Christie to return for the next Nevermore Academy school year.
    2. Development of the overarching plot. Wednesday still has a stalker.
    3. Are they going to let Wednesday publish her finished book? We remember she wants to beat a certain young author’s record.
    4. Tyler breaks free. Either he reunites with his master, which means the return of Miss Thornhill or he reforms.
    5. Xavier finally gets a visit from his father to the academy. Somehow ties him to the overarching plot.
    6. Enid realizes that Eugene is more dependable than Ajax. or,
    7. Since Ortega floated the idea in one of her interviews, there could be a chance that she develops feelings for Enid.
    8. Could Morticia actually teach in Nevermore? We doubt Uncle Fester could but that would be hilarious.
    9. Sheriff Galpin of Jericho could fully be an ally in future investigations.
    10. There will be a new mayor in town. That is because of what happened to the normie in the first season.
    11. Because Wednesday and Bianca are preparing for a fencing tournament, chances are they are going to feature another school in the second season.
    12. Is it time for Pugsley to enter Nevermore Academy?
    13. Eugene’s Bee Club gets more popular.

Is Tim Burton going to return for the second season?

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Netflix’s Wednesday is Tim Burton’s television debut. That was a huge deal, and it was wonderful to see his take on the Addams Family and Nevermore Academy.

The series delivered the viral craze that is still sweeping the world’s dancefloors and TikTok accounts. And to the surprise of many, it was all from the creative workings of Ortega’s mind.

She was inspired by the dance moves of the previous Wednesday Addams, and it all just worked perfectly!

It’s Official Netflix Renews Wednesday For Season 2

Credit: Netflix

There is no doubt that Netflix’s Wednesday is this generation’s iteration of Charles Addams’ classic comic series. Reports also indicate that season two already has a script ready to go. And as we have reported before, talks are active for a third season.

Ultimately, this puts the speculation that the series will be moving to another streaming service to rest. There were reports that the second season might end up on Prime Video.

It was a whole rights issue with MGM Studios now being owned by Amazon. However, Wednesday is still a Netflix Original series and it will stay with the streaming service. Now, I believe that’s cause for a good ‘snap, snap’.

But what do you think about Netflix greenlighting a second season of Wednesday? Are you excited to see what will happen next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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