Venom 3 Has Entered Pre-Production Confirms Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy delivers an exciting update for Venom 3 through a video that confirms pre-production is on the way for the film feature. It seems that the Venom character of Sony Pictures will complete its trilogy soon.

Of all the live-action Spider-Verse from Sony, it’s Venom who’s had the most successful reception from fans by far. While Sony only has two Venom movies: 2018 Venom and 2021 Venom: Let There Be Carnageand last year’s Morbius, the studio is having difficulty developing characters and films other than the symbiote.

Venom 3 In The Works According To Tom Hardy

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Hardy shares a video of a scene that did not make it to the final cut for his first movie as the host human to the alien symbiote. The scene shows his character struggling to bring himself to enter a hospital’s emergency room. He gets off a taxicab and appears to be in a heated conflict between getting out and getting back in the vehicle. Only when he mentions “Annie is in there” that he convinces the dependent alien to enter.

The scene showed the physical demands of the character being host to an untrusting alien. But as the movie went on and with the sequel, they found a common ground for their co-existence.

Based on Hardy’s caption, the third instalment of the franchise is very much underway:

Whilst working on V3 pre prep @lelping @sonypictures @sony @venommovie this throwback came up #cuttingroomfloor #byetom👋🏼 #thankstom

Personally, I think Venom works simply because he looks like Spider-Man. In his first appearance in Sam Raimi’s 2007 Spider-Man 3, comics and movie fans have grown fond of the alien.

Reintroducing the character for his movie in 2018, starring Tom Hardy, was very well-received – if one compares it to Morbius. The first movie got 30% on the Tomatometer and an 80% Audience Score, while the second movie got even better numbers at 57% and even improved by an 84% Audience Score. The two films combined cost Sony $226M, which performed at $427M at the worldwide box office.

Comparing this to Morbius’ performance at the box office, amounting to $167M from a production budget of $75M, shows quite a downtrend for the studio. Thus, further affecting fans’ confidence in other developing projects under the universe.

2022 Morbius is quite a disappointment, to say the least, for Sony Spider-Verse fans. It scored a measly 16% on the Tomatometer with a 71% Audience score from 276 reviews. This very much affected the impression of fans with regard to the projects in various stages of production.

Tom Hardy Celebrates Venom 3 With Throwback BTS Video


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Many are sceptical about the quality of production for Sony’s future projects. Namely, Kraven the Hunter, which is set for release on October 6, 2023, El Muerto, slated for January 12, 2024, and Madame Web, which is currently targeting February 16, 2024, release date.

Fans find it rather ridiculous that they are keeping a Spider-Verse without Spider-Man. However, in order to keep their hold on the Spider-Man franchise, they have to develop these characters for theatrical release. Hopefully, sometime soon, Sony’s Spider-Verse will finally get to include its own Spider-Man in its features.

Still, Venom 3 could very well be another way for Sony to keep itself on the game. Also, certain rumours are going around that there is a possibility that they will finally add a Spider-Man to their movies. That is indeed something to make us wait and see.

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