Top YouTube Channels For Casino Lovers

It isn’t uncommon for people to look to YouTubers when they need to learn more about a specific area of interest. You’ll find lots of fantastic resources for casinos if you are a fan of gambling video content. Obviously, most of the content will be about famous non-UK casinos similar to ones you can find on NonGamStopBets. However, it takes a lot of thorough searches to spot the best out of the lot. Here are the top YouTube channels for casino lovers:

Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher is the host of the top-rated BCSlots DAILY YouTube channel, and you will find every single episode useful if you enjoy slot games. As a social media influencer whose video content revolves around the fun and highly rewarding world of the casino, Brian has more than 155,000 subscribers and records over 92 million views on every video. Brian has been a Forbes article subject, but it is fun to know he only started the YouTube channel as a hobby in 2016. 

At the time, he was still a Hollywood actor. Once he realized that his subscriber count had begun to grow, he finally gave up his day job and fully committed to his channel. Much of his channel’s success is attributed to the fact that he posts his videos daily, but that’s not to dismiss their brilliance in any way. Travelling across the United States, Christopher Brian’s content primarily shows live streams of him visiting various casinos, losing, winning, and reacting in his trademark manner. He’s really great at what he does that he now has a fan club, who call themselves the Rudies.


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Look past the funny name, and visit this YouTube channel with more than 80,000 subscribers. VegasLowRoller is one hugely popular YouTube personality who offers excellent content. His videos have an estimated combined view count of about 51 million, which tells so much about their quality. Based in Las Vegas, this channel is focused on his love affair with casino slots (popularly known as the one-armed bandit or fruit machine). He often travels around the many casinos in the city, filming his juicy wins and sharing them with everyone who cares to follow his channel. Although he calls himself a low roller, he’s still very successful, and that makes his content ideal for anyone who loves slots and needs the motivation to try a couple.

American Casino Guide

If the American Casino Guide sounds familiar, it’s because it has been published every year since 1992 and has been the number one bestselling publication in America on the subject of gambling and casinos. It has a very famous YouTube channel counterpart, with more than 85,000 subscribers and nearly 29 million regular views. Author Steve Bourie runs this YouTube channel, and it provides viewers with useful strategies and tips on how to be a super, more intelligent gambler, touching everything from baccarat to poker. 

Poker is possibly the most loved and renowned gambling game, and a few historians claim it dates as far back as a 10th-century Chinese emperor! On the other hand, baccarat is a simple casino game where you get to draw three cards and place a bet on whether the dealer or you will be favoured. Covering every aspect of the play in a detailed manner is a very useful channel for players who want to play for real soon.

Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel

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With more than 51,000 subscribers and over 20 million views, no one can argue the fact that Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel is one of a kind. This is a YouTuber that promises viewers lots of slots, poker, roulette, and blackjack action, and every time, he does deliver! 

Although his choice of language is quite colourful and may not be the perfect choice for a more conservative player, this remains one YouTube personality who knows how to carry his viewers along with him as he experiences every high and low. Engaging, genuine, knowledgeable, and never attempting to avoid betting it all, his channel is a perfect place for some fantastic viewing.

So, why should you watch it?

Some people can easily feel an aversion to entitling other’s to success simply for doing what they enjoy. But while the YouTube high rollers live every day to share videos of themselves doing just that, you can’t deny the fact that their win count both in views and in their game is impressive. Plus, there’s a boatload of varied content out there with a dedication to a casino that it can’t be cake work to make the top ranks the way these guys have done.

However, it’s super easy to see how dedicated they are to what they do and how much knowledge they want to share with viewers with their engaging and honest presentational styles.  Many other YouTubers put in a lot of work to create and deliver fantastic casino content, but these are a few of the ones you can bet your bottom dollar on.


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