Here Are The 10 Best Lucifer Episodes Up Until Now

Lucifer season 5 has been officially announced, but before the final season hits Netflix, it’s time to take a look at the 10 best Lucifer episodes so far.

Lucifer has been going on for four seasons now, but it hasn’t been an easy journey for us Luci fans. It’s actually been pretty tough at certain points, and there was even a moment when many of us thought it would be gone forever, just like that.

After three seasons of great television, Fox opted to pull the show from their network. This decision kind of came out of nowhere since the show’s numbers were doing fine and it felt like it was really starting to get into its groove.

It felt like we were reaching a pivotal point in Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) and Detective Decker’s (Laura German) relationship and things were really starting to get interesting.

Before that, they had been playing this ‘will-they-won’t-they’ game, and then Tom Welling’s Marcus Pierce (a.k.a. Cain) came onto the scene and spoiled things for those of us who really wanted to see Lucifer and Decker finally get together.

lucifer 1

Lucifer will be coming to an end after five seasons

However, in swooped Netflix, after the fans started a very successful campaign on social media to bring Lucifer back from the dead. The streaming giants decided to pick up the show and they gave us a fourth season, which I would argue was one of the best seasons of the show so far.

It was only ten episodes long, but still, they managed to fit a lot of story into those episodes and they took it to a very dark and fascinating place.

It was then revealed that Lucifer season 5 would be the show’s very last, and that was rather upsetting. However, I was happy to hear that Netflix had ordered six more episodes, making the final season a whole six hours longer than the previous one.

This is very good news indeed since it’ll allow the showrunners and the show’s writers to tell the story they always wanted to tell.

So, after that interesting bit of good news, I thought it would be a great time to go over the episodes of the past and give you my list of the ten best Lucifer episodes up until the very end of season 4.

There have been a lot of very good Lucifer episodes, so this wasn’t an easy list to come up with, yet I put in the hours, rewatched the entire show and came up with a definitive list.

10. Devil Is as Devil Does – Season 4

lucifer devil is as devil does

Devil Is As Devil Does in season 4 shows Lucifer at his most vulnerable

9. Pilot – Season 1

lucifer pilot

Lucifer’s pilot will live long in my memory

8. Quintessential Deckerstar – Season 3

quintessential deckerstar lucifer 1

This is quintessential Lucifer viewing

7. Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno – Season 4

somebodys been reading dantes inferno lucifer

Topless Lucifer, always a good thing

6. Once Upon a Time – Season 3

lucifer once upon a time

Once Upon A Time features a cameo from Lucifer’s dad, Neil Gaiman

5. Who’s da New King Of Hell? – Season 4

lucifer whos da new king of hell

Who’s Da New King Of Hell is an epic episode of Lucifer. One of the best

4. A Devil Of My Word – Season 3

lucfier a good day to die

A Devil Of My Word is an incredible episode of Lucifer

3. A Good Day To Die – Season 2

quintessential deckerstar lucifer

A Good Day To Die is a brilliant episode of Lucifer

2. Save Lucifer – Season 4

lucifer save lucifer

Save Lucifer is a lovely little nod to the fans

1. A Priest Walks Into a Bar – Season 1

lucifer a priest walks into a bar

A Priest Walks Into A Bar is a fantastic episode of Lucifer

So, there you have it. These are the top ten best Lucifer episodes up until the end of season 4. Now, you might disagree with me, and that’s absolutely fine. I’d love to know which episodes are your favourites and you can always let me know in the comments below.

There have been a lot of episodes of this show, so trying to whittle it down to just ten wasn’t easy, yet I’m pretty happy with this list, and I think it shows the very best the show has to offer.

Until Lucifer season 5 comes out on Netflix, I’d highly recommend you go back and rewatch some of these episodes. Or why not rewatch all of them and have a great old time of it. There are some real gems there which I didn’t include in this list.

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In the meantime, why not rewatch previous episodes of Luciferwhich you can purchase here!

Lucifer season 4 is available to stream on Netflix right now, and the previous seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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