Thunderbolts MCU Movie Adds Steven Yeun In Key Role


The MCU movie entitled Thunderbolts now officially adds Steven Yeun to its cast, who is reported to be taking on a key role in the story.

The production starts shooting this summer, bringing him to share the screen with Harrison Ford, Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan,  Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Harbour and many more.

Yeun’s character is still under wraps, as with the other details about the project.

MCU Thunderbolts Has Steven Yeun In Secret Role

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According to Deadline, Yeun’s undisclosed character is significant in moving the story, where he will be instrumental in Thunderbolts, and in the movies that will follow. Fans are already optimistic about the casting and hopeful about the script Eric Pearson is writing. The project will have Jake Schreier as its director.

While the movie’s official logline, plot or premise is still unavailable, many are keen on the possibility of getting the Hulk’s story forward. With Harrison Ford being General Thunderbolt Ross, fans think Yeun might be Amadeus Cho.

Throughout the MCU movies since 2008, Iron Man, the Hulk is the Avenger that has yet to have its titular project, either a movie or a series. Many hope the big green guy gets his turn to be front and centre.


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Thunderbolts is arguably the Marvel equivalent of DC’s Suicide Squad. They are super-powered individuals working as a team under the control of the government. As other Marvel movies are along the lines of science fantasy fiction showcasing celestial beings with Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange, the titles under Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Iron Man are the more ‘real’ and grounded movies.

The international security and political issues among governments and top secret projects where high-level espionage occurs are the main tropes for characters listed in the upcoming movie. With the Multiverse Saga concluding with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, there will definitely be a key component within Thunderbolts for those titles.

Thunderbolts Introduce Steven Yeun To MCU Secret Hero

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Fans far and wide know Steven Yeun from the popular post-apocalyptic series The Walking Dead. From the series’ first season, Yeun captured Glen’s charm immediately. In fact, fans were beside themselves with worry about the first time he was suspected of having died in the series. But everyone knew of his character’s fate and by Season 7, it was inevitable.

Not resting on his walker laurels, Yeun took on projects in various genres and stretched his aching legs. Most deservedly, he got his first Oscar nomination for his work portraying Jacob in Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari. A touching story of a Korean family moving to America for a better life in the 1980s.

His new role in the MCU will not be his first being a hero, let alone a superpowered individual. He has actually lent his voice to Mark Grayson of the popular animated series Invincible. The animated series also showed the side of a superhero with a secret identity and how the family deals with their everyday life together with the super responsibilities.

Invincible also tackled super team conflicts as well as high school story tropes. To me, it seems like a really good base for a role in the Thunderbolts movie. From animation to live-action, there will definitely be significant differences, but at least Yeun already has a few of the ropes knotted down.

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