M3GAN Is Getting An Unrated Cut – Check Out The Trailer


Freakishly fresh from its theatrical release, M3GAN gets an Unrated Cut for digital and blu-ray release bringing the scare a notch higher.

M3GAN’s TikTok dance practically cast a spell on viewers that as early as a month prior to its release, people wanted to get a hold of their ticket to see the movie. Premiering December 77th last year in Los Angeles, California, USA, its international release started to roll out December 28th. IMDb even lists that the movie still has its release date coming in March for China and June for Japan.

By mid-January this year, the movie got its green light for a sequel. That being M3GAN 2.0.

The horror killer doll’s got her audience wrapped by her gripping fingers. The same ones that pulled and tore off Brandon’s ear in the trailer. Manners!

M3GAN Unrated Digitally Available Starting Today


Credit: Blumhouse Productions

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The Official Business Twitter account for M3GAN @meetM3GAN posted the trailer of the Unrated Cut that they will release today, February 24th, on digital and on March 21st for Blu-Ray. It was just a few moments in the scene in the woods where the ruthless doll carried out her plan to teach the boy a lesson.

It would seem that the Unrated Cut will cater to audiences who can handle the gorier version of the movie. The theatrical release was rated PG-13, and according to Giant Freakin Robot, the doll’s viral video on TikTok pushed the studio to decide to release their movie in a PG-13 version. This allowed the younger audience access to the horror film.


There is indeed a large audience for horror flicks. One can even say it is the only genre rivalling the superhero movies in terms of getting theatre seats occupied for weeks. Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions got the AI murderous doll to carve in $171.5M in the worldwide box office from a $12M budget.

Gerard Johnstone directed the movie from Akela Cooper’s screenplay of James Wan’s story. It stars Allison Williams, Violet McGraw and Ronny Chieng. The doll, who was initially the emotional support for Cady (McGraw), is played by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis.

While some say that the movie certainly utilized the doll-gone-evil trope for horror, there is the novelty of technology in the mix. There is no voodoo or magical reason behind the doll going serial killer mode. She just turned up her ‘protective mode’ to eleven. The AI took the logic of protecting Cady at all costs to the extreme.

In order to protect her best friend, she has to make sure no one hurts her. In order to do that, everyone who has the potential to hurt her must be destroyed.

M3GAN Unrated Cut Arrives March 21 For Blu-Ray

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The movie not only performed well at the box office but also pleased critics and audiences alike. It displays 94% Certified Fresh on the Tomatometer with a 78% Audience Score and a 6.4/10 rating on IMDb from 67K viewers. It is no wonder that a follow-up movie is already a go, with a target release date of January 17, 2025.

Screenwriter Cooper will return for the sequel together with stars Allison Williams and McGraw. The return of the characters from the first movie suggests a revenge plot is in order. However, this is just speculation. There is still a long way to go in the development of the sequel’s story.

In the meantime, fans can watch the Unrated Cut of M3GAN streaming on Peacock starting today.

Do you prefer the Unrated Cut of M3GAN as compared to the PG-13 theatrical version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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