Here’s Why The New Mutants Hasn’t And Probably Won’t Come To Disney Plus

The New Mutants is in a rather odd position. Many people – myself included – thought the movie might be coming to Disney Plus, but it turns out it won’t.

Why is that though? Why cant Disney bring this The New Mutants movie to their streaming platform?

After Disney bought Fox, it was assumed that they got all of Fox’ movie properties.

Now, that is pretty much true. Disney does now own the movie rights to The Fantastic Four and The X-Men.

This means that Marvel Studios can now make X-Men and Fantastic Four movies, which is pretty exciting.

This also means that Disney is now in charge of releasing The New Mutants, which was the last movie starring X-Men character Fox made.

However, they never got to release the movie because they kept on delaying it.

It was rumoured that Fox wasn’t entirely happy with Josh Boone’s final cut of the movie and wanted to do reshoots to change it.

Now, those reshoots did happen, yet it was then revealed that Disney was going to release the movie in cinemas and it was going to be Boone’s original cut of the film.

Looks like The New Mutants won’t be coming to Disney Plus


The New Mutants has been delayed so many time – Credit: Disney

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This got me pretty excited because I was really looking forward to seeing this film.

However, COVID-19 then hit and we don’t really know what’s going to happen with the film.

Many people thought – myself included – that The New Mutants would be put onto Disney Plus.

It made sense because Disney had just revealed they were going to be releasing Artemis Fowl on the streaming platform.

Then, Disney’s outgoing CEO said that they were going to be releasing more big budget films on Disney Plus.

I, and many other people, theorised that one of those big budget movies might be The New Mutants.

However, it turns out this won’t happen and it’s all to do with a deal that 20th Century Fox made with HBO eight years ago.

Fox and HBO’s deal is stopping The New Mutants coming to Disney Plus

The New Mutants Coronavirus Disney Plus

Should The New Mutants be made available on Disney Plus? – Credit: Disney

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According to MCU Cosmic, they struck a deal which meant that HBO had the exclusive rights to stream Fox’s movies until 2022.

This is why X-Men: Dark Phoenix is available to stream on HBO and not Disney Plus.

However, the deal that Fox and HBO struck did not affect selling movies on-demand.

This means Disney can still release the likes of The New Mutants via iTunes and Amazon.

Yet, when it comes to streaming, it looks like The New Mutants will be only available on HBO Max if Disney doesn’t decide to release the movie in cinemas.

The HBO deal also doesn’t permit digital rentals on those services.

This is why you can’t rent Dark Phoenix on iTunes.

We’re going to have to wait to see The New Mutants


The New Mutants might never see the light of day – Credit: Disney

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It sounds a bit confusing. You can buy Dark Phoenix on iTunes and Amazon, but you can’t rent them.

Ultimately, this means that Disney might have to wait until the Coronavirus pandemic has come to an end to release The New Mutants in cinemas.

That said, Disney might be able to offer a bucket load of cash to HBO to get out of this deal they struck with Fox.

They might end up just waiting until the deal expires in 2022.

What do you make of this news?

Are you sad to hear that The New Mutants won’t be coming to Disney Plus any time soon?

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