Is Netflix In Danger Because Of Disney Plus?

Online streaming is great. It’s great because we now get to watch whatever the Hell we want whenever we want to thanks to the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu (for all you Americans out there).

The age of television has changed forever, and Netflix were the pioneers in this field, yet it’s starting to look like they might get left behind due to the imminent release of a new streaming platform developed by the biggest company in Hollywood – Disney.

That’s right. With Disney Plus just around the corner, all other companies currently providing streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon might have to start rethinking their strategy moving forward.

Time for Netflix to change those KPIs and make those PowerPoint presentations…

disney plus uk release date

When is Disney Plus UK release date? – Credit: Disney

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They’ll undoubtedly be a lot of marketing and strategy type people making countless spreadsheets, graphs and powerpoints in which they’ll attempt to ‘realign’ their ‘KPIs’ in order to ensure the company’s ‘growth’ continues to meet their expectations… Sorry, I’m not that familiar with marketing speak, but they tend to say a lot of things like that.

What’s for sure is that Netflix and Amazon will be looking at other ways they can compete with Disney, but one thing’s for sure, it’s not going to be on price.

Disney Plus will only cost US customer $7 per month, and that will include ESPN and Hulu, so people will be getting three streaming platforms for the price of one.

Netflix has already been upping their monthly fees year on year (it’s now at $13 in the US, and people in the UK can pay up to £12), and it doesn’t look like that trend’s going to stop any time soon.

So, how will Netflix be able to ensure that their customers don’t just leave their streaming service altogether? How will they make sure that people still want to come back to their platform?

Content, content, content

Why hasn't Disney Plus' UK release date been revealed?

Why hasn’t Disney Plus’ UK release date been revealed? (Credit: Disney)

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The answer will undoubtedly be content. Netflix will continue to champion great content. They’ll still have the likes of Stranger Things, Black Mirror and The Crown, to name a few.

They’re also making more and more movies, and their films are winning Oscars, such as Roma. This will be something they’ll really want to double down on in the future.

They’ll also focus on making more blockbuster movies, such as Bright. They have a sequel to Bright already in the works, and I’m sure we’ll see more movies featuring big names.

Yet, one thing Netflix definitely lacks now that Disney has opted to make it’s own streaming platform are the Marvel movies and TV shows.

No more Marvel for Netflix

No more Marvel for Netflix

No more Marvel for Netflix – Credit: Marvel Studios

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Netflix’s Marvel TV shows were what attracted me to the streaming platform in the first place, and now Disney Plus is looking like a much more interesting proposition than Netflix.

They also have the Star Wars movies and TV shows, all the films Disney has ever made, as well as 20th Century Fox’s impressible back-catalogue of movies.

People won’t want to fork out the cash for multiple streaming services, and Netflix knows this, which is why Disney Plus is so dangerous for them.

The majority of people will see what Disney has to offer and opt to cancel their Netflix subscription in favour of Disney Plus. This will be terrible for business.

Are sports the future of streaming?

Could ESPN and DIsney Plus end Netflix

Could ESPN and DIsney Plus end Netflix? – Credit: ESPN

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The addition of ESPN and Hulu will also be a huge pull for people, especially people living in the US who’ll want to watch live sport.

Amazon Prime Video is a bit of a different proposition because firstly Amazon is filthy rich, and secondly, they already offer Amazon Prime Video to all Prime customers.

They can afford to operate at a loss, a bit like Disney can. Netflix doesn’t have that luxury, and they’re going to have to really think outside of the box to ensure they retain their customers and bring in potential new ones.

Live sports could be one way forward. If Netflix were to secure the rights to streaming live football, that would be a huge coup for them and perhaps convince more people in places such as  Europe, South America, India and Africa to sign up to their streaming service.

Netflix should look towards other territories

Netflix needs new customers

Netflix needs new customers – Credit: Netflix

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There’s been a lot of talk of the Indian market, and that could be another lifeline for Netflix. They’ve been amassing an impressive collection of Bollywood movies onto their streaming platform over the years, and the Indian market is huge.

That said, it can be rather volatile, and there are many other Indian-centric streaming platforms which Netflix would have to contend with.

Ultimately, the only thing Netflix can really do to ensure their survival in a post-Disney Plus world is make ‘killer’ content (apologies for all the marketing-speak).

People love what Netflix has made over the years. They’ve made some hugely successful shows and movies, and the release of a new season of something such as Stranger Things has become a huge event worldwide.

Netflix knows what you want

Netflix knows what you want

Netflix knows what you want – Credit: Netflix

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They need to make sure they keep people wanting more of what they’re making.

Sure, it’s going to be tough to begin with, especially with the releases of The Mandalorian and all those Marvel TV shows Disney and Marvel Studios are making.

Yet, Netflix has proven time and time again that they know what people like, and they know what to make, how to make it and when to end it.

They’re constantly releasing new shows and movies, and they know that TV shows shouldn’t last more than three seasons on average.

Personally, I would have liked another season of Santa Clarita’s Diet, but you can’t have everything.

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