The Midnight Club Cancelled & Mike Flanagan Leaves Netflix


It’s been revealed that Netflix has opted to cancel yet another series – this time, it’s The Midnight Club’s turn to be cancelled after just one season. The series, which Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy created, joins a long list of Netflix shows to have been scrapped after one season.

We’ve already seen the likes of Resident Evil, Archive 81, First Kill and The Imperfects all get cancelled this year alone! These were all shows that were cancelled after just one season; honestly, some of them deserved more time. The Midnight Club was one of the shows that deserved a little bit more time.

Is this the end of Netflix and Mike Flanagan’s working relationship?


Credit: Netflix

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Mike Flanagan has been doing nothing but great work over the years. He’s made shows such as The Haunting Of Hill House, The Haunting Of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass and The Midnight Club. He also directed the movie Gerald’s Game. He made all of these shows and the one movie for Netflix, but it seems as though that partnership has come to an end.

It was revealed not long ago that Mike Flanagan is going to start making content for Amazon Prime Video, and I think this will be a very good move for him and Prime Video. Flanagan’s content is superb, and it was wasted on Netflix. The streaming platform never put any real weight behind his upcoming series. There was very little marketing behind them, which was one of the main reasons why not many people saw The Midnight Club.

The series followed a group of young adults who meet at midnight to share stories of horror whilst residing in an old mansion for the terminally ill, Brightcliffe Hospice. It landed on Netflix on October 7th, and in a flash, it was gone. Starring Ruth Coff, Igby Rigney and Iman Benson the series was pushed heavily across the platform over October, and I’m sure fans will be dismayed with the news.

Why did Netflix cancel The Midnight Club after just one season?

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Aside from lower-than-expected viewing figures, the series has also suffered from being lost in a huge collection of young adult/teen content now on Netflix, where seemingly every week, a new series is added, pushing others further down the algorithm. But the other reason behind the show’s cancellation could be that the show’s creators, Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy – who adapted it from a novel by Christopher Pike – are leaving Netflix.

The creative duo have just been snapped up by Amazon Studios along with their production company, Intrepid Pictures. So, Netflix is going to be losing some of its best creative partners. Well done, Netflix. You’ve hit a home run there!

Netflix has just lost a huge talent


Credit: Netflix

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As mentioned above, Intrepid Pictures has been behind Netflix hits such as Gerald’s GameThe Haunting Of Hill House, The Haunting Bly Manor and Midnight Mass. They also made the movies Doctor Sleep and The Strangers: Prey At Night.

This will be a big blow for Netflix and a huge coup for Amazon Prime Video. I also heard a rumour that they might have secured the rights to The Woman In Black, and I even heard that they had plans of turning the Susan Hill novel into a series! This series could now be coming to Prime Video, which would be excellent!

What do you make of this news? Are you sad to hear that there won’t be a The Midnight Club Season 2 on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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