The Imperfects Cancelled By Netflix After One Season


It’s been revealed that one of our favourite Netflix shows of 2022 has been cancelled – The Imperfects! Yep. Netflix has opted to cancel the new show after just one season, and I am pretty bummed about this news. It was revealed that the streamer felt the show didn’t get enough interest in its first season to warrant a second season.

This happens an awful lot with Netflix shows, and I think it’s one of the biggest problems with the streamer for subscribers. It just feels like there’s no point in getting invested in one of their new shows because there’s a high chance it won’t get a second season. This is a huge problem, and it’s happened a lot with Netflix shows that I really got into after watching its first season only to find that Netflix had opted to cancel the series.

The Imperfects is just the latest in a rather long list of Netflix shows that were cancelled way before their time. Other shows that come to mind include October Faction, V-Wars and I Am Not Ok With This. However, the list is literally endless. The cancellations that really upset me were I Am Not Okay With This, The Society, First Kill, Archive 81 and Julie & The Phantoms.

The Imperfects cancelled by Netflix after only one season


Credit: Netflix

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We actually did some digging before this was announced about whether The Imperfects would get a Season 2. Everything we heard was not good for the show, but we couldn’t get anything solid or anyone to go on the record about whether the series would be renewed. That’s actually rather unusual, so it seems as though it was a pretty close one.

This series was relatively popular and didn’t do too badly on the streaming platform. I feel it was an edge case and could have been renewed. Yet, it seems the streamer is being more trigger-happy when it comes to cancelling their shows. They recently cancelled quite a big series, Resident Evil, which wasn’t very good, but it did do well in Netflix’s Top Ten most-watched shows list.

Netflix needs to stop cancelling shows after just one season

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I really feel that Netflix’s trigger-happy nature when it comes to cancelling its original shows will end up being its downfall. Subscribers are starting to get very fed up with the streamer regarding the number of new shows it cancels. I think they have to start being more careful about which shows they greenlight. Currently, they are greenlighting far too many new shows, releasing them with literally no marketing.

Did you know that The Imperfects was coming out before it was released on the streamer? No. Me neither. They released one trailer for the new series during Netflix’s Geeked Week, then dropped it on the streaming platform. Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video invest much more time and money into promoting their upcoming shows. Netflix doesn’t do that, and I think that’s a mistake.

I also think that Netflix needs to start releasing new episodes of its shows weekly. We’re already seeing Disney Plus do that with their new shows. Amazon Prime Video does that with some of its shows, and they do really well. It’s about time Netflix does the same thing.

What do you make of this news? Are you sad to hear that Netflix opted to cancel The Imperfects after just one season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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