The Flash Movie’s Whole Plot Reportedly Leaked


It seems as though the whole plot for Warner Bros’ upcoming DC Comics The Flash movie has been leaked, and this ‘leaked’ plot sounds rather interesting to me.

Before I get into this leak, I must warn you that there are POTENTIAL SPOILERS for The Flash movie in this article.


That said, I also implore you to take this with a nice sprinkling of salt because it does come from a post on Reddit, and it’s not a very reliable source of information.

However, there’s a lot in this leak that makes sense to me and if it does end up being genuine, then it would be a really fun movie (in my honest opinion).

So, now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get on with the supposed The Flash plot leak.

What’s going to happen (reportedly) in The Flash movie?


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The Redditor (u/starshipandcoffee) rather helpfully has put everything in bullet points for us, which makes the plot a bit easier to follow because it does seem like a lot’s going to happen in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash.

According to the leak, Reverse-Flash will be teased towards the beginning of the movie.

The leak states: “There’s 100% a tease for Reverse-Flash, when Barry’s mom is killed, a yellow figure smiles at Barry and lunges at him, Barry escapes before the yellow figure can get to him. No actor or voice, it’s pretty hard to make the figure out because he’s just standing in the dark and you can only see his yellow arm and his red eyes.”

The leak then goes on to add that Ezra Miller, “has amazing chemistry with the woman who plays Barry’s mom and I heard people started crying when Barry realised he couldn’t save her.”

Sounds like this will be an emotional film, to say the least!

They then state that Black Flash will not “really” be the film’s villain, but rather it’s “Future Flash (wearing [a] Black Flash suit).”

The Flash will have three Barrys


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The leak adds that there will be three Barrys in the movie. These Barrys will be, firstly, the one we’ve seen in the movie’s trailers (the one with longer hair), secondly, Ezra Miller’s DCEU Barry and thirdly, Evil Barry.

These will all be played by Miller himself.

According to the leak, Evil Barry will kill the Barry with long hair in the movie, and they add that it’ll be brutal.

They then add that ‘Evil Barry’ is actually just the Barry with long hair from the future – which has me a bit confused, because why would he then kill himself?

Wouldn’t that mean that Evil Barry would then disappear from existence? I don’t know. I suppose it is a comic book movie after all and time travel can be tricky, and that’s not even taking into account the Multiverse and Speed Force – both of which will be in this movie.

Back to the leak. It then adds that Evil Barry’s motivation is that, “when DCEU Barry came to his universe, he ruined everything and destroyed his world.”

There will be an ‘Evil’ Barry Allen in The Flash movie


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They added that Evil Barry has become obsessed with trying to save his work and keeps on attempting to reverse time and prevent his Earth from being destroyed, but it fails every time.

Therefore, in a final last-ditch effort to save his Earth, he goes after the person who started this whole mess, the DCEU’s Barry Allen.

But, I know what you’re going to say. Who’s the one destroying Evil Barry’s Earth?

Well, the leak says that it’s Zod – and we do know that Michael Shannon is going to be playing his Man Of Steel character in The Flash movie.

So, what happened and why does Evil Barry blame DCEU Barry for the destruction of his Earth?

Well., it all has to do with DCEU Barry going into the Speed Force to go back in time to try and save his mother from being murdered.

However, he then ends up in a battle with ‘Evil Barry’ (or Barry From The Future, as I like to call him), and the DCEU version of the speedster is accidentally knocked out of the Speed Force and ends up in an alternate universe, which so happens to be Michael Keaton’s Batman’s Earth.

The leak then goes on to add that Sasha Calle – who’s going to be playing Supergirl in the movie – is “one of the best part of the movie.”

So, what happens to the DCEU’s Barry when he ends up stuck in this alternate Earth?

What about Michael Keaton’s Batman?


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Well, Flash manages to find Keaton’s Earth’s Barry Allen (somehow – it’s not really explained).

This Barry Allen is the version with the long hair we referenced earlier.

We’ve also seen him in the rather short trailer for the movie that we saw back at DC FanDome.

These two Barrys have the same powers, and they both convince Keaton’s Batman to find Calle’s Supergirl in order to fight a new threat – which is potentially General Zod.

However, they end up losing the battle and the two Barrys try to reverse time to save the universe, but it ends up failing.

The DCEU’s Barry then gives up, but the second Barry does, and that’s when the Evil Flash (who is actually just the second Barry from the future), appears and reveals that he’s tried to reverse time multiple times to save his Earth and failed.

Right, this is when things get really interesting and kind of intense.

Rather than trying to reverse time yet again, the Evil Barry goes into the Speed Force to try and kill the person who caused this incident in the first place: the DCEU’s Barry.

The leak isn’t quite done there. The author goes on to add that Ezra Miller’s Barry is more like an amalgamation of Wally West and Bart Allen.

He’s apparently going to keep the sort of comedic tone we’ve come to expect from his version of Barry Allen in these DCEU movies.

The leak then goes on to add that his Barry Allen will freak out, “like a little fangirl when he sees the Batmobile.”

How will The Flash movie end?

Justice League Review 5

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Right, what about the movie’s finale? How will it all end?

Well, it sounds like this movie’s already going to be pretty dark, yet there will still be darker moments ahead.

According to the leak, Shannon’s Zod will kill a bunch of people in this movie.

He will kill Keaton’s Batman and Calle’s Supergirl (apparent he will break her neck, a bit like how Henry Cavill’s Superman broke Zod’s next in Man Of Steel).

But that’s not all. The leak also adds that Zod will kill Herny Cavill’s Kal-El as a baby!

This seems to confirm the recent reports that Cavill’s Superman will be killed as a baby in this movie!

Bear in mind that this all takes place in alternate Earth, so it doesn’t mean that Warner Bros. Pictures is going to kill of Cavill’s actual Superman as a baby.

That would be too cruel, even for Warners!

The leak then adds that Nicolas Cage’s Superman will not be in the movie and that he’s not going to be the Superman in Keaton’s Batman’s Earth.

That would have been cool because Cage almost played Superman in Tim Burton’s cancelled Superman movie.

Shame they aren’t going to give a little nod and a wink to that project.

Will there be cameos in The Flash?

Right, it’s now cameo reveal time for The Flash movie.

The leak claims that there will be a lot of cameos in this movie, and they’ll all take place during a scene in which the Evil Flash and the DCEU’s Flash race each other.

The Evil version of Barry is going to try and kill the DCEU’s Barry in this scene, and I think this will be a big chase scene that will end up taking place in the Speed Force.

This isn’t really explained in the leak, but it does state that they end up travelling into the Multiverse and this is when we’ll get to see a load of different DC Comics characters from through the ages.

These characters will reportedly include Pattinson’s Batman, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, Adam West’s Batman and Grant Gustin’s Flash.

We did reveal a while back that Gustin was seen on the set of The Flash and that he filmed a cameo from this movie, so maybe that’s going to be it.

OK, that’s all good fun, but what does this all mean for the DC Universe’s timeline?

It’s already a bit of a mess, and it looks like this Flash movie is going to end up messing things up even more!

According to the leak, “any film and TV show (including Peacemaker) released between Man of Steel and Shazam 2 are set in the old timeline.”

The leak continued: “Shazam 2 is set in the old timeline. Everything after The Flash is set in the new timeline: Green Lantern, Zatanna, Batgirl etc.”

I do have one question, what does all of this mean for Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom and also Matt Reeves’ future Batman movies?

I’m hoping that Warners has the sense to keep the Batman movies completely separate from all of this.

There’s also the problem of Wonder Woman 3, but I’m not even sure whether that film will ever see the light of day.

What about Batfleck?

The Flash Will Be Ben Affleck's Last Time Play Batman

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The leak then adds that Iris West – who’s going to be played by Kiersey Clemons – will only have a cameo in the movie.

She’s going to reportedly appear at the very end of the film when Barry’s dad is finally released from prison.

Henry Allen (Barry’s father) is going to be played by Ron Livingston in the movie after Billy Crudup was forced to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

It also seems as though Warner Bros has a much bigger plan for this The Flash movie.

According to the leak, this movie is going to set up a Crisis on Infinite Earths movie, which would be DC Films’ take on Avengers: Endgame.

The leak adds that Warner Bros’ plan is to “use Keaton as a temporary replacement for DCEU Batman.”

My answer to that little bit of the leak is, what about Ben Affleck’s Batman?

It has been revealed that Affleck’s Batman is going to be in the movie, and I can’t really see any evidence of him in this supposed leak.

Well, it does go on to state that “Batfleck doesn’t die, but isn’t part of the new timeline.”

So, I don’t really know what’s going on there.

Honestly, this movie does sound like quite a bit of fun.

Don’t take this The Flash plot leak at face value

However, as I warned you at the very beginning of this rather long article, don’t take this The Flash plot leak at face value.

It could end up being a load of utter rubbish, but it’s always fun to speculate, and there is a lot here that does make sense.

The idea of the three Barrys, I think, is right, and I also think that one of those Barrys will end up being a villain of sorts.

We know that Zod is going to be in the movie, so I do expect some rather brutal scenes with him, especially with the news that they’ve got Shannon to return to the role.

The Flash is expected to be released in cinemas on June 23rd, 2023 in the United States.

It’s being directed by Andy Muschietti who’s working off a script by Birds Of Writer screenwriter, Christina Hodson.

What do you make of this reported The Flash whole plot leak?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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