A The Dark Knight Returns Live-Action Movie Might Be In The Works At Warner Bros

There are rumours that a The Dark Knight Returns live-action movie is in the movie over at Warner Bros. Pictures and they look for a way to adapt Frank Miller’s classic comic.

This comes after there were reports that Warner Bros. Pictures is considering ‘remaking’ Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Those rumours were started by an article posted by We Got This Covered, and I wasn’t entirely convinced by it.

They claimed that their sources told them Warner Bros. is trying to find a way to remake Zack Snyder’s movie.

I’ve been working with Warner Bros. Pictures for a number of years over here in the UK, and I had to ask some people I know who work for them.

I will make it very clear, I’ve only ever directly worked with Warner Bros’ PR team, so they might not be clued into everything that goes on at the movie studio.

However, they did tell me that those rumours were total nonsense.

The Dark Knight Returns would make for an excellent movie

The-Dark-Knight-Returns Robert Pattinson Batman

The Dark Knight Returns would make a great movie (Credit: DC Comics)

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Yet, that was when I received a message from someone who works at Warner Bros. (who will remain nameless in this article), claiming they heard that there were plans to make a The Dark Knight Returns movie.

At first I asked whether they were referring to the two animated movies they made.

They said no, that it was a live-action movie, but it was just at the script stage of the process.

So basically, Warner Bros. Pictures commissioned a writer to pen an early draft of a The Dark Knight Returns screenplay.

It was said that it was inspired by Frank Miller’s comic and that it could end up being turned into two movies.

This was all the information I was given about this potential The Dark Knight Returns movie.

They didn’t tell me who was commissioned to write the script nor at what stage it’s at.

However, it’s kind of cool to think that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have been thinking about what they could do with that comic.

The Frank Miller comic deserves a movie adaptation

Christian Bale villain Thor Love and Thunder

Christian Bale could return to play Batman in The Dark Knight Returns – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Dark Knight Returns is hands down one of my favourite Batman graphic novels ever written.

It’s so good and it would be a tough novel to turn into a movie.

The fact that both Batman and Superman would have to be in it makes it even harder.

Then there are all of Batman’s incredible gadgets and that tank he uses.

It was evident that Zack Snyder took a lot of inspiration from the graphic novel when making Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However, it was very much wasted on that movie.

Yes, it was the first time we ever saw Batman go up against Superman on the big screen.

However, his motives to go against him in the first place were pretty weak.

Batman v Superman didn’t do The Dark Knight Returns justice

Ben Affleck Batman Justice League

Ben Affleck’s Batman was an attempt at The Dark Knight Returns’ version of the Caped Crusader – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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In the comic, Batman has to go through Superman because the Man of Steel is working for the government.

He has no other choice, and I really like that aspect more than Bruce Wayne having a grudge against the guy,

The Dark Knight Returns version of Batman would very much like not to have to fight Superman.

I would love it if they manage to bring Christian Bale back to play Batman in a The Dark Knight Returns movie.

However, then you would have the headache of who to cast as Superman.

Would you get Henry Cavill to play the Man of Steel again?

I mean, why not. Superman doesn’t age like Batman does.

What do you make of this rumour?

Would you like to see Warner Bros. Pictures make a The Dark Knight Returns live-action movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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