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Watchmen Creator Damon Lindelof Reveals His Idea For A Dark Knight Returns Adaptation

Watchmen’s creator, Damon Lindelof, has revealed he has an idea on how to adapt The Dark Knight Returns for the big screen, which would be an incredible thing to do.

People have been trying to adapt Frank Miller’s legendary Batman graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns. Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is for all intents and purposes his version of the comic.

However, it’s not quite the same. Let’s just say that Batman v Superman is heavily inspired by The Dark Knight Returns.

Yet, if you want someone to take the graphic novel on, that person would be screenwriter, comic book writer and producer, Damon Lindelof.

He’s already shown how capable he is in the comic book space, having just created one of the best TV shows we’ve seen for a while in HBO’s Watchmen.

Now, it looks like he might have an idea on how to bring The Dark Knight Returns to the big screen.

Could Damon Lindelof bring The Dark Knight Returns to the big screen?


The Dark Knight Returns is a fantastic Batman graphic novel (Credit: DC Comics)

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Here’s what he said in a recent interview (via We Got This Covered) on whether he would consider adapting Miller’s comic.

The reason that I don’t have any interest in it is because that would be a straight-up adaptation. Where you’re taking something Frank Miller already wrote and illustrated and is perfect. Basically, you’re bringing it to life. Obviously, Superman is going to be in it if you’re doing Dark Knight straight up. All you’re basically doing is adapting something.

What made Dark Knight so amazing and revolutionary was that it was so original and groundbreaking. So, it’s like taking the dance instructions where the painted feet are there on the ground. You just have to hit the right steps. I would just be terrified of messing it up. More importantly, I want to freestyle. I’m not the guy for that.

Should The Dark Knight Returns be adapted?

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Christian Bale reveals why hes no longer playing Batman – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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However, he did go on to reveal that he would love to bring back Michael Keaton or Christain Bale to play Batman in this potential adaption of The Dark Knight Returns, and I think everybody would be down for that.

I think it would be really interesting to wait for somebody like, you know, Michael Keaton, who has already done Batman, or a Christian Bale 25 years from now and then do Dark Knight with them. So, it’s someone who we actually saw play a younger version of Batman. That would be rad.

I agree with Lindelof. The only way to do the comic book justice is if you cast an actor who played the role before, and either Keaton on Bale would be excellent choices.

What do you make of this idea of Lindelof’s? Would you like to see him adapt The Dark Knight Returns? Let us know in the comments below.

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