Tatiana Maslany Wants A She-Hulk Movie


In a recent interview, the sensational Tatiana Maslany expressed her desire to see her character, She-Hulk, take on the big screen. The iconic actress, who recently graced our screens as the titular character in Marvel’s She-Hulk series, has left fans and critics alike enamoured with her powerful portrayal.

But will her wish for a stand-alone film be granted? And when can we expect to see her green alter ego make a smashing return?

Is A She-Hulk Movie in the Works?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is renowned for its interconnected storylines and characters, so it’s no wonder that fans are clamouring for a She-Hulk film following the success of the Disney+ series. It appears that Tatiana Maslany herself is keen on the idea, as she stated in a recent interview with The Direct, “I think the character has so much potential, and I would love to see her story continue.”

Although Marvel Studios has not yet confirmed any plans for a She-Hulk movie, it’s worth noting that they have a history of responding to fan enthusiasm and demand. With the success of She-Hulk and the positive reception to Maslany’s performance, it’s entirely possible that the studio will consider bringing the character to the big screen in the near future.

As the MCU continues to expand its roster of characters and storylines, it’s only natural that fans would wish to see more of their favourite heroes on screen. It’s an exciting time for the franchise, with Phase 4 well underway, and the introduction of new characters like Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel. A She-Hulk film could fit perfectly into this ever-growing universe.

When Will We See Tatiana Maslany Play She-Hulk Again?

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As for when we might see Tatiana Maslany reprise her role as She-Hulk, we must first look to Marvel’s upcoming projects. It’s important to remember that the actress has not yet been confirmed for any future appearances, but this doesn’t mean we should lose hope. Marvel is known for its tight-lipped approach to future projects, so it’s entirely possible that they have plans for She-Hulk that they’ve yet to announce.

The most likely scenario for She-Hulk’s return would be a cameo appearance in an upcoming Marvel film or series. Marvel loves to have its characters pop up in unexpected places, so don’t be surprised if we see Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, make a surprise appearance in a future project. There are plenty of upcoming projects that could benefit from a She-Hulk appearance, such as Fantastic Four, The Marvels, or even the highly anticipated Daredevil: Born Again series.

Another possibility is that She-Hulk could appear in a crossover event, similar to how the characters from Marvel’s Netflix shows eventually teamed up in The Defenders. While the Disney+ series are more directly connected to the MCU, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of a team-up between She-Hulk and some of the other heroes we’ve met on the streaming platform. A collaboration between She-Hulk and characters like Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, or even the new Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, could make for an exciting storyline.


Credit: Marvel Studios

Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that we might see Tatiana Maslany return as She-Hulk in a second season of the Disney+ series. With such a positive response to the first season, it’s entirely possible that Marvel could green-light a follow-up. The Direct article mentions that Maslany is open to reprising her role, stating, “I would absolutely love to continue playing Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk. I think there’s still so much more to explore with her character and her relationships with other heroes in the MCU.”

In conclusion, while there is no official confirmation of a She-Hulk movie or Tatiana Maslany’s return as the character, there are plenty of possibilities for her to make a smashing comeback in the MCU. Whether it’s through a cameo in another film, a team-up with fellow heroes, or even a second season of the She-Hulk series, fans can remain hopeful that we haven’t seen the last of Tatiana Maslany’s sensational portrayal of the jade giantess. And who knows? With enough support and enthusiasm from fans, we might just see She-Hulk smash her way onto the big screen in her own solo film.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Tatiana Maslany play She-Hulk in her own solo Marvel movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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