She-Hulk’s MCU Future Teased By Tatiana Maslany


Despite the varied responses to Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk in the MCU, the actress has recently shown possibilities for the character’s return. Whether it be in the small screen as a Season 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law or a movie where she appears together with her cousin Bruce Banner portrayed by Mark Ruffalo, anything is possible.

One thing is for sure, the series was successful in showing an Earth 616 that is ready for mutant-kind. The show was tackling rights, court hearings, and government policies for ‘powered individuals’. Also, it introduced the concept of portals to other dimensions on the small screen other than the ones used by the TVA in Loki.

Furthermore, Maslany displays her familiarity with the comic book world, where her character has thrived and mixed it with what is currently prevalent in the MCU. All the while, the show featured many actors and actresses as well as gotten guests on the series that offered up possible continuation of the story either on the small or the big screen.

Jen’s life as a superpowered lawyer has just begun.

Tatiana Maslany May Have Ideas For She-Hulk’s MCU Future

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Speaking to, Maslany displayed her anticipation as to where Jen Walters might appear next. She said:

I mean, it’s really the thing that drew me in the first place, which was — I did not expect this. I didn’t expect this character. I didn’t expect where she goes. I didn’t expect these little weird moments that she gets to…

So for me, it’s really about being like surprised, you know? ‘Cause she’s so irreverent. So if I’m expecting or if I want a certain thing, likely the best option is to do the exact opposite.

Jennifer Walters can fit snugly in a story about Hulk or Bruce Banner. Likewise, the MCU’s government conspiracy and laboratory experiments storyline could welcome her character as well. Considering that Thunderbolts will be possibly introducing the Red Hulk, Walters’ background in law could also be beneficial for a certain storyline there.

Because She-Hulk can also represent other superpowered heroes, she could even be representing frequent hearing attendees such as Bucky’s Winter Soldier. Or maybe a consultant for the military’s department that is still conducting gamma radiation studies.

Bruce might also need her help in getting his son a legal ‘existence’ on earth.

All of that is just on Earth 616. Tatiana Maslany also said:

…I’d love to see what, I’d love to put her — as we had so many other actors come to our show and tonally shift their character. Put him or her in like a totally different scenario, a different universe — which is so fun about the Marvel universe is that there are multiple.

There’s a multiverse, I didn’t know if you’re aware, but there is a multiverse. But putting her in a situation that is very unlikely, I think that would be super fun. The thing about She-Hulk, to me, is that she’s so out of place, and that out-of-placeness, I think has got legs.

She-Hulk’s MCU Future Could Be Multiversal According to Tatiana Maslany


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Indeed, Marvel Studios is sitting solidly on a well-established multiverse. Other previous actors admit that anything can truly happen now that the multiverse is cracked wide open.

Ant-Man’s Quantum Realm, Loki’s TVA, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man’s botched spell, Scarlet Witch’s seeming escape suspiciously keeping a copy of the Darkhold and even Wong’s encounter with a portal to a nether realm. All of these are already out there waiting to be picked up again.

Marvel Studios has been receiving some criticism about its output. The problem lies in the studio’s intention to do too much in such a limited time. We all know it cost them a lot of its quality due to its huge output. Hopefully, Phase 5 will be better.

What do you make of Tatiana Maslany’s ideas on how She-Hulk’s MCU future can be explored? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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