Taika Waititi Talks Of An Alternative Post-Credits Scene For Thor: Ragnarok

Taika Waititi has revealed that they filmed an alternative post-credits scene for Thor: Ragnarok. You can read what he had to say about it below.

Thor: Ragnarok is out in cinemas right now for all of you to see for yourselves, and I really do recommend it. I banged on about how much I enjoyed it the review which you should check out. One of the great things about this movie was how funny it is, and a lot of that is down to director Taika Waititi and his wonderful sense of humour. One of the things that Waititi also brought to the set was his improvisational style. He loves his actors to improvise and one particular member of his cast is a master at coming up with great material on the spot. I’m talking about Jeff Goldblum, of course. He plays The Grandmaster in the movie and is brilliant.

Taika Waititi Talks Of An Alternative Post-Credits Scene For Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok..L to R: Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Topaz (Rachel House), Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston)..Photo: Jasin Boland..©Marvel Studios 2017

Just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet, I have to warn you that I will be spoiling the film’s post-credit scene in this article, so if you despise spoilers, then look away now. OK, so now that those people have left us, we can get on to the interesting stuff. The very last post-credit scene shows Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster coming out of his wrecked spaceship and is immediately confronted by an angry mob of Sakaarians. He proceeds to congratulate them on their revolts and claims it to be a draw, and then the scene ends.

Goldblum revealed that this scene, like many others in the movie, was totally improvised and it turned out great. That said, Waititi recently revealed during an interview with Collider that they had shot an alternative post-credit scene. Read what he had to say about this as of yet unseen post-credit scene below:

“We were determined to not have too many of them. The thing [with Loki and Thor], that was the thing we did in reshoots. It was a last minute decision. And the other thing at the end, with The Grandmaster, was something we shot on Gold Coast that was something I planned for a long time. It was either going to be that or it was going to be Topaz and Grandmaster stowing away on the ship.”

“That could be on the DVD in the deleted scenes, those two in the crowd of the Asgardians and he pushes through and goes, ‘I’ve never heard of this Earth place but… We got to keep a low profile.’ And they kind of put these blankets over their heads and disband into the crowd.”

It would have been interesting to see The Grandmaster stow away onto the Asgardian ship bound for Earth, yet upon reflection, it may not have made total sense with the rest of the movie since the last time we see Goldblum’s character he’s still on Sakaar. Although, Thor: Ragnarok is a comic book movie and since when does narrative logic ever come into these things.

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Thor: Ragnarok is currently in UK cinemas. What did you think of the movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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