Swamp Thing’s First Full Trailer Has Landed And It’s Actually Quite Scary

The new trailer for DC Universe’s upcoming DC Comics series, Swamp Thing, and the new series looks really quite scary. Check out the trailer here.

DC Universe has been making some really interesting comic book series of late. It all kicked off with Titans, which I thought was actually quite good. Titans was then followed up by Doom Patrol which I honestly think is one of the best comic book series made in a while.

I love how strange they’re going with these series, which is exactly how they’re supposed to be, and now they’re bringing out a third DC Comics series, Swamp Thing, and I have an inkling that this might be my favourite of the bunch so far.

By having their own streaming service, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have been allowed to go as mad as they want with these shows, which is how it’s supposed to be.

I have a fondness for shows like The Flash and Arrow, but they’re limited by being on a network like The CW. These new DC Comics series are made for fans of the comics, and that’s how it should be.

Now, some people may not like the blood, guts, gore and language used in these shows, but personally, I love it. I love the risks they took with a show like Doom Patrol, and judging by Swamp Thing’s new trailer, they’re doing something similar with the DC Comics property made famous by Alan Moore’s excellent comic book run.

Titans was violent and brutal. Doom Patrol was violent, brutal and mad, and it looks like Swamp Thing is going to be violent, brutal, mad and scary. Sounds like my kind of show.

swamp thing 2

Swamp Thing looks pretty scary

There had been reports that Warner Bros. shut down production on Swamp Thing close to the end, and it’s said to be due to the fact that they didn’t like the direction the show was going in. I hope for the show’s sake that these reports were greatly exaggerated.

The show is produced by Aquaman and The Conjuring director, James Wan, who has a knack of producing great horror properties.

The series will star Will Patton (We Are The Titans, Halloween) as Avery Sunderland, Virginia Madsen (Sideways), who is playing his wife Maria Sunderland.

There’s also Andy Bean as Alec Holland, Derek Mears as Swamp Thing, Crystal Reed (Gotham) as Abby, Maria Sten (Straight Outta ComptonChannel Zero) as her friend Liz Tremayne, Kevin Durand (Lost, The Strain, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as the villain Jason Woodrue, a.k.a. The Floronic Man, and Ian Ziering (Sharknado) as David Cassidy, a.k.a. Blue Devil.

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You can watch Doom Patrol via DC Universe in the US and there are rumours it’ll come to Netflix in the UK.

In the meantime, if you click this link and purchase the first volume of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing you can brush up on your knowledge, and we get a little kickback, which is much appreciated.

Swamp Thing is set to premiere on DC Universe on May 31st. There’s no word yet on where we’ll be able to watch it here in the UK.

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