The Nun: The Conjuring’s Upcoming Spinoff Movie Has A Terrifying New Poster

The Conjuring’s spinoff movie, The Nun, has a brand new poster and it’ll keep you up at night for weeks to come. Check it out below.

There’s something about nun’s that I find utterly terrifying, and now there’s a The Conjuring spinoff movie that’s preying on my fear. I’ve always found nuns creepy and ghostly nuns are it for me. I don’t get scared by much, but when The Conjuring 2 introduced a spooky demonic nun into the mix, I found it difficult to open my eyes in the cinema. When it was revealed that she’d be getting her very own spinoff movie, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Oh no. Now I’m going to have to sit through a whole movie just about that thing…”

I can hear you guys out there. “Just don’t watch it”. That’s much easier said than done, especially in my line of work, and I can’t really call myself a true horror fan if I don’t at least try and watch everything. The Nun now has its very first poster, and I can barely look at it without feeling my skin crawl and my hair stand on end. But you can have a look at it below if you dare.

This Nun is bloody terrifying!

This Nun is bloody terrifying!

We’ve had a few of these Conjuring spinoffs now. They started with Annabelle, which wasn’t that good. But then we got Annabelle: Creation, which was much better than the first movie, and that film ended with an almost Marvel-esque post-credits scene, which of course teased The Nun. So, I was sitting there at the end of the film thinking “Ah, that wasn’t so bad. That was actually quite good”, and then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, that f***ing nun! I almost jumped out of my seat and bolted for the door.

The Nun is being directed by The Hallow’s Corin Hardy, who’s working off a script by IT’s scribe, Gary Dauberman, and stars Bonnie Aarons as the scary Nun in question, Taissa Farmiga (Vera Farmiga’s younger sister), Demián Bichir, Charlotte Hope, Ingrid Bisu and Jonas Bloquet. The Nun will be headed to UK cinemas on September 7th.

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