The Suicide Squad Will Be Hunting Bizarro In Rocksteady’s Game, Not Superman

It’s been revealed that Rocksteady Studios are making a Suicide Squad game, and it seems as though you’ll be hunting Bizarro in the game, not Superman.

We’ve been waiting for years to find out what Rocksteady Studios’ next video game would be.

There were loads of rumours surrounding the video game company’s next DC Comics video game for a while.

We’ve heard rumours that they were making a Superman game.

We then heard that they could actually be making a Green Lantern Corps game.

Finally, it was suggested that their next game would actually be a Suicide Squad game.

Rather surprisingly, the last rumour turned out to be true.

Rocksteady took to Twitter to reveal that their next game was going to be a Suicide Squad game.

Rocksteady Studios’ next game will be a Suicide Squad game

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They revealed this news by posting a picture of what looks to be Superman with a Suicide Squad logo on his head.

The logo is fashioned to look like a target and they accompanied this picture with the following caption:

Target locked – #DCFanDome – August 22.

So, we’re going to know much more about this game at DC FanDome, which is very cool.

At first glance, it seems as though Superman could be the game’s villain.

However, if you look closer at the picture, then things start to get a bit… well… stranger.

There’s something seriously off about this Superman in the poster.

He doesn’t look like your usual heroic Superman.

He seems a lot more… villainous.

Superman or Bizarro? Who will we be hunting?


Henry Cavill might not get to play Superman in Man of Steel 2 – Credit: Vassilis Dimitros

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So, what does this mean?

Is Superman really going to be the game’s villain?

Well, I don’t think that’s Superman at all in the poster.

I think it’s actually Bizarro.

It just makes so much more sense that Amanda Waller would be tasking the Suicide Squad with the mission of stopping Bizarro from causing mayhem and destruction.

Superman has been portrayed as a villain before in the comics.

However, this poster really hints at Bizarro being the villain in this upcoming Rocksteady game.

First off, look at ‘Superman’s’ face in his poster, or at least, what we can see of his face.

It’s veiny and it doesn’t look like Superman’s usual super-smooth and handsome face.

Superman doesn’t fit the villain role


Henry Cavill really just looks like Superman – Credit: Vassilis Dimitros

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There’s also the purple hew to this poster and Superman’s skin.

This doesn’t feel like Superman to me.

It feels like either an alternate, evil version of Superman, otherwise known as Bizarro.

Honestly, given how odd Bizarro is in the comics, I think he’d make for an excellent Suicide Squad antagonist.

I can imagine playing as Harley Quinn or Deadshot and having some rather epic fights against Bizarro.

What do you make of this article?

Are you looking forward to playing Rocksteady Studios’ Suicide Squad game?

Do you think we’ll be hunting Superman or Bizarro in the game?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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