Rocksteady Reveals They’re Making A Suicide Squad Game

Rocksteady Studios has revealed that they are making a Suicide Squad game in which it looks like you might be hunting down Superman.

We’ve been wondering for what has been years what Rocksteady Studios’ next game would be.

There were rumours that they were making a Superman game.

We then heard that it could be a Green Lantern Corps video game.

The most recent rumours – and the ones that proved to be corrected – were that they were making a Suicide Squad game.

This sounded a bit mad to me, yet they confirmed via Twitter that they are going to be releasing a Suicide Squad video game.

They also seemed to tease that the Suicide Squad might be tasked with hunting and taking down Superman.

Rocksteady Studios’ next game will be a Suicide Squad game

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So, we wrote about Rocksteady’s next game possibly being a Suicide Squad video game a while back.

Those sources seemed to be in the known, which is a nice change.

Anyway, the poster they released hints at you having to hunt down Superman.

However, upon close inspection, it seems as though this might not be Superman at all in the poster.

It looks more like it could be Bizarro – Superman’s evil clone.

That would make a whole lot more sense, and I would be really up for hunting and fighting Bizarro.

What do you make of this news?

Do you like the sound of a Rocksteady Studios Suicide Squad game?

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